Awesome Theatre is excited to announce AUDITIONS for TERROR-RAMA II: PROM NIGHT!

TERROR-RAMA, the a Horror-Theatre Double Feature, is a new-play incubator that commissions two new horror-themed plays every two years. You can learn more about Awesome Theatre and the TERROR-RAMA series HERE on the Awesome Theatre website.


Sunday, 20 March from 12-3pm
Monday, 21 March from 6-9pm

Auditions will be held at PianoFight, 144 Taylor St., San Francisco

Please come prepared with a 1-min contemporary monologue, and bring a resume and headshot. You may be asked to cold-read from sides. Actors of all races/ethnicities strongly encouraged to audition. Non-AEA, stipend available.

Rehearsals will begin in September, with performances at PianoFight October 14-29.


Show and character descriptions below the cut.


In PURITY  by Claire Ann Rice, the Good Shepard Lutheran Church is preparing for it’s 5th Annual Purity Ball where daughters will pledge their virginity to their fathers and promise to remain pure until marriage. But out in the night a killer stalks the stormy night.  To stave off their fear, Pastor Cameron and favorite volunteer Mary Beth decorate the church basement for the ball to come.  Even though the darkness threatens ever closer, they cheer themselves by sharing their pasts and their hopes for the future.  But as they each reveal move of themselves it becomes increasingly clear one of them is the killer.  Who will be pure enough to survive the night?


MARY BETH – F, Late twenties. Born and raised among Evangelicals and the military industrial complex. She used to be a cheerleader and still has that excitable energy, the poise and the practiced smile. Perfectly put together normally, right now she shows all the signs of a person who has spent the last few years running from a deeply troubled past and into a frighteningly uncertain future.

CAMERON – M, Early thirties.  Preacher and community leader.  Handsome in a small town sort of way.  He has a ‘youth pastor’ vibe about him; eager to please and mission oriented.  But someone doesn’t have to dig too deep to find a man who has a great deal of rage and fear just under the surface.


In SEXY VAMPIRE ACADEMY  by Anthony R. Miller, Price Academy, hidden in the forest across the river from a small Oregon Town, is a high school populated by vampires where it is 1996 forever. When new girl Abby and her friend Simon decide to help Dreamy Vampire Cole escape the grip of Queen Vampire Callidora, the past and present clash in a prom-night showdown. Sexy Vampire Academy is a blood-splattered dark comedy that skewers latter day vampire tropes, the 90’s and being afraid of life.


The Mortals

ABBY – F, 17. The new girl in town. Weird and proud, self-confident, cynical, and completely uninterested in the High School experience. Becomes the object of Cole’s affection.

SIMON – M, 17. Abby’s gay best (well…only) friend; a fast-talking, kind-hearted-but-snarky vampire expert.

The Vampires
(The Vampires in the play behave like teenagers,
but should be played by actors in their late 20’s-Mid 30’s)

COLE – M, 36-behaving-18. Second coming of Jason Priestly; the dreamy, brooding vampire that actually isn’t very good at it. Even though he’s technically Callidora’s boyfriend, he falls for Abby.  Straight faced-comedic role.

CALLIDORA – M, 36-behaving-18. Queen of the Vampires, think Rose McGowan in JawBreaker. Loud, powerful, foul mouthed with severe control issues.

AMBER – M, 36-behaving-18. Mean girl who is increasingly dissatisfied with her place in Callidora’s posse.

NICOLE – M, 36-behaving-18. Mean girl, Callidoras 2nd in command who is, like, totally with the program.

We will also need at least 2 UTILITY MALES to play dude-bro vampire victims, super-cool vampire prom attendees, and just generally be rockstars.