July 10 Lineup

WARNING: This weeks lineup may be too much good stuff, it’s true! We are obligated by law to let you , the dear viewer, know that the following acts on the same stage, on the same night may result in seizures caused by an overdose, an overdose…of entertainmentatude.

Featured Artist: Wonder Dave

dave.jpgWonder Dave is a writer, comedian and performer from Minneapolis, MN, now living in California. He has toured the country performing at poetry venues, schools, cabarets, science fiction conventions, burlesque shows, bowling alleys and independent wrestling shows. He has been a featured storyteller on the Risk podcast. Dave’s poetry has been published in anthologies by Write Bloody , Lethe Press, and Sibling Rivalry Press.



Special Guests


syzygySYZYGY is a beat-boxer and emcee internationally reknowned for his dizzying versatility, wildly inventive rhythm patterns and the ability to transform his voice into any instrument or personality.

A member of the Many Elements beat-boxing trio, he’s rocked the stage at the West Coast Beat-Boxing Championships, collaborating with legends such as Kid Beyond and America’s Got Talent finalist Butterscotch. He DJ’s shows with nothing but his mouth, a mic, and a loop-station at such shows as Tourettes Without Regrets and the Berzekely Slam.


Chad Opitz


Chad Opitz is a comic whose unique takes on often odd subject matters are making him an oft booked staple at Bay Area clubs and showcases. Chad was the winner of Bay Area legend Jimmy Gunn’s “Best Newcomer” award as well as a finalist in the Rooster T. Feathers Competition, 2nd place finalist at the 2016 Sacramento Comedy and 1st place winner of the Walk the Plank comedy competition, beating out 100 comics for the top prize. He has opened for Neil Hamburger, Michelle Wolf and Gad Elmaleh. Veering between one-liners and short story jokes, Opitz’ writing is as well-regarded as his character and performance work.

Mistress Pon-Farr

tabby.jpgA performer and artist since her childhood, Mistress Pon-Farr, now uses her talents to entertain Earth with everything she’s got! Horror Host, writer, YouTuber, glass walker, whip tricks, burlesque/ gogo dancer, and social commentator. Fun fact: She will be doing this show on her way back from a living history event in LA where she plays Edith Roosevelt along side her husband playing Teddy.


Doug Mungin


Utilizing comedy and engaging perspectives on social issues, Douglas Mungin (formerly known as D. Silence) is an award winning spoken word poet and performance scholar. The former host of the San Francisco Poetry Slam and underground phenomenon Tourettes Without Regrets, Douglas has also embarked on a career that has brought together raucous and literary crowds with a blend of rhythmic poetry that engages both. Douglas received a Ph.D in Performance Studies from Louisiana State University and is currently a professor of Communication Studies at Solano College and the director of the Forensics program.


Vagina Jones: Labia Minora


Vagina Jones (appearing tonight as Labia Minora) is the first all-woman team to be birthed from the EndGames Improv community, and now they’re all growed up. You’ve seen them at The Del Close Marathon in NYC, The Hollywood Improv Festival, and as regulars at SF Sketchfest 3 years running. VJ’s members are professional comedic actors, improv coaches and teachers, moms, and bad ass bitches. We’re ready for the revolution, and you are, too. To sync up cycles, like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/vjimprov.


But wait, there’s more!

The Art of Drama with Anna Kritikos

DSC_3745_2_2 annaIn an attempt to class up the show, Every week, our resident renowned classical actor Anna Kritikos, will perform dramatic readings of classic monologues from stage, screen, and amazon reviews.



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