TERROR-RAMA III First Public Reading October 16

The Horror-Theatre Double Feature Rides Again!

In October 2018 we will present TERROR-RAMA III: Dead The Whole Time, the third installment of Awesome Theatre’s Horror Anthology with two World Premiere plays guaranteed to delight and disgust with Horror Host, Sindie Chopper. But because we know you creeps can’t wait a year,  on October 16 at PianoFight you get to see whats brewing. Join us for staged readings of the terrifying new tales and help us raise money for the 2018 production.   Help us make next year’s production a graveyard smash. (Yeah I Said it.)

sufferedThe Suffered By Colin Johnson

Frederick, a once popular author, now seeing his fame fade retreats to a small hotel for the memorial of his recently deceased wife, Lillian. But when a strange song awakens the truth of Lillian’s death, Frederick cannot escape his secrets.




cannibalMy Cannibal Summer By Claire Rice

A gated community of cannibals welcomes home one of their own from war. But something is different, Eddie doesn’t have “The Hunger” anymore. When he falls for the community’s newest resident Sonia, he decides to escape and finds out coming home is easy, but leaving could kill you.





Featuring: Jason Bayani, Melvign Badiola, Matt Gunnison, Tavis Kammet, Nicole Odell, Kaylamay Paz Suarez, and Puja Tolton.

Directed By Anthony R. Miller, Hosted By Sindie Chopper