Celebrity Judges for November 8



Who are these people?

We searched high and low throughout the Bay Area and  our Facebook friends lists to bring you three experts in comedy, story telling and theatre. Not to mention good taste.

Rob Ready – Artistic Director of PianoFight
Comedy is: “Just say it,” said Anthony, “I came to you.”

Samanta Cubias – Audience Development Manager at Berkeley Rep
“Need an ark? I noah guy!”

Wonder Dave – Writer, Performer, Swell human being.
“The end is nigh. Might as well laugh.”

Are they the judges for every show?

No, the judges will rotate from show to show, but expect to see them more than once.

How does this judging thing work?

After each play, the judges will give a short critique and present a score from 1 – 10 using decimal points to avoid a tie. The play with the highest cumulative score will go to semi-finals. Judges will base their score according to the  “Funniest Play Ever” criteria, which is comprised of:

  • Comedy
  • Clarity
  • Producability
  • Accessibility
  • Originality

Is there any Audience Choice?

Funny you should ask, 2 plays will go to finals. One will be chosen at semis by the judges, the other will be chosen by the audience at semis. We also encourage the audience to let the judges know how they feel about the scores.

How can you assign a numeric score to art?

From 1-10 with decimal points, that’s how. Look, we know competition isn’t for everyone. We think this will be a fun experience for writers and audience members to get a real look at what Producers and theatrical artists look for when critiquing work, our goal is to encourage and develop, not crush dreams.