Awesome Theatre’s 2018 Lineup!


Awesome Theatre is proud to present it’s official line up for 2018. This promises to be our most ambitious year yet, full of comedy, horror, and general strangeness.

isotfpesemis5x5SEMI-FINALS-FEB 21, 7PM

It’s a play, it’s a playwriting contest, it’s a play about a playwriting contest, just go with it. 

Hosted by Kaylamay Paz Suarez

After four preliminary rounds, our four finalists will now expand their plays to ten minutes and face off for the two coveted spots in finals.


Your Semi-Finalists are,


Never-Ever Land by Sang S. Kim

Growing up sucks. 

Demoted by Bridgette Dutta Portman

When planetary personnel problems get personal.

Way Too Schtoned by  Kyle McCurdy

I smoked way too much party before this weed.

HMO-Z by Sean Garahan

Health care for all, even Zombies


The highest scoring play and the audience Favorite from semi-finals expand thier plays to 30 minutes and go head to head to win a full production.


The people have spoken! Two gunslingers of guffaws have made it to the final round. Now both plays will be expanded and go head to head all for the glory of being named THE FUNNIEST PLAY EVER!

Hosted by Kaylamay Paz Suarez

Featuring: Never-Ever Land by Sang S. Kim and Demoted by Bridgette Dutta Portman


thursplays (1)

CTDSBP_5x5_144Christian Teen Dolphin-Sex Beach Party

By Anthony R. Miller and Jess Thomas

Directed by Colin Johnson

Maybe go DOES make mistakes.

Ronnie and Judy are just two regular kids who love the lord. But when Judy is attacked and impregnated by a dolphin, their summer plans go out with the tide.  A greedy Pastor, an eccentric French Professor and famous people all get involved in this absurdist satire about religion, fame, and love.

Thursday nights at 9PM, April 5, 12, 19 & 26 and May 3 & 10

MercyKilling5x5Mercy Killing

By Alandra Hileman

Directed by Claire Rice

Love is dead, literally.

Mercy is a barista in San Francisco. She’s also a serial killer. The only one who knows is a Grim Reaper named Thana, her girlfriend, sort of, it’s complicated. The two of them navigate a tenuous romance while trying to evade detection by the authorities on either side of mortality.

Thursday nights at 9PM, June 21 & 25, July 5, 12, 19 & 26



Directed by Christian Haines
Hosted by Sindie Chopper

The Horror-Theatre Double Feature Rides Again with two world premiere tales of terror.

October 12, 13, 19,20, 26 & 27 7PM

TheSufferedThe Suffered By Colin Johnson

Frederick, a once popular author, now seeing his fame fade retreats to a small hotel for the memorial of his recently deceased wife, Lillian. But when a strange song awakens the truth of Lillian’s death, Frederick cannot escape his secrets.



CannibalSummerMy Cannibal Summer By Claire Rice

A gated community of cannibals welcomes home one of their own from war. But something is different, Eddie doesn’t have “The Hunger” anymore. When he falls for the community’s newest resident Sonia, he decides to escape and finds out coming home is easy, but leaving could kill you.





Featuring “A History of Freaks” by Katie May
Directed by Claire Rice

Saturday, November 17, 8PM
Exit Theatre
$10 Online Advance – $15 at the door

UNPRODUCEABLE is a reading series where Awesome Theatre brings to the stage the best Bay  Area playwrights and their most unproduceable plays. What makes a play UNPRODUCEABLE? Could it be too many characters? Does it have a live elephant crash through a wall? Do scorpions fall from the rafters in slow motion? Ultimately the story of what makes a play UNPRODUCEABLE is the story of what it means to be a playwright working in the modern theatre. Spend an evening in conversation with a celebrated Bay Area playwright and a hear a play that might not be coming to a stage near you but you’ll wish it was.