It’s a play.
It’s a play writing competition.
It’s a play about a play writing competition.
Just go with it

Awesome Theatre invites you to the SEMI-FINALS of the super groovy play writing contest that everyone seems to really enjoy, we didn’t take a survey. Just kidding, it’s hilarious.

Join your hostess with mostess, Kaylamay Paz Suarez as she keeps the laughs coming and tries to deal with her stressed out producer, her mysterious stagehand, and a drunk on power director, all in the name of their quest for comedy!

Somehow, from a comedic army of twenty playwrights, four have emerged.

Somehow, after four colossal prelim rounds, four heroes of humor remain.

Somehow, comedy found a way.

Here are your semi-finalists for February 21st

brigitte“Demoted” by Bridgette Dutta Portman

Losing your job is hard, especially when your job is being a planet. 

Directed By Christian Haines and featuring Kyle McReddie, Tavis Kammet, Charles Lewis III, Jan Gilbert and Matt Gunnison.


mccurdy“Way Too Schtoned” by Kyle McCurdy

I smoked way too much party before this weed. An out-of-mind experience.

Directed by Colin Johnson and featuring Edwin Ortiz, KC Gleason, Hannah Rose Stangbye, and Kyle McReddie.


sangheadshot“Never-Ever Land” By Sang S. Kim

Growing up sucks. 

Directed by Claire Rice and Featuring Matt Gunnison, Jan Gilbert, and Charles Lewis III.


garahan“HMO-Z” by Sean Garahan

Health Care for all, including Zombies.

Directed by Jess Thomas and featuring Randy Russell, Shara Tonn, Sissy St. Marten, Puja Tolton, and Tavis Kammet


The four winning playwrights of our preliminary rounds will present expanded versions of their plays. The Judges will score and critique all four plays. The play with the  top score goes to finals. The second finalist will be chosen by the audience. Finals are on April 11, the winning play will be expanded and produced by Awesome Theatre.

Who are these Judges? Funny you should ask.



Who are these people?

We searched high and low throughout the Bay Area and  our Facebook friends lists to bring you three experts in comedy, story telling and theatre. Not to mention good taste.

Baruch Porras Hernandez – Writer, comedian, host of DondeEstaMiGente, Voice of Shipwreck
“I do Comedy because it’s such a Men’s club, and I wanna touch all those Dicks.”

Miss If’n Whendy- Co-Artistic Director of DIVA or Die Burlesque
“Fart jokes are for rubes and children so quit sucking. YAY COMEDY”

Rob Ready – Artistic Director of PianoFight
Comedy is: “Just say it,” said Anthony, “I came to you.”


How does this judging thing work?

After each play, the judges will give a short critique and present a score from 1 – 10 using decimal points to avoid a tie. The play with the highest cumulative score will go to semi-finals. Judges will base their score according to the  “Funniest Play Ever” criteria, which is comprised of:

  • Comedy
  • Clarity
  • Producability
  • Accessibility
  • Originality


So join us, as we SEARCH for, THE FUNNIEST PLAY EVER!


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