Awesome Theatre,  wants YOU to audition for it’s next production, NEVER-EVER LAND, written by Sang S. Kim and Directed by Claire Rice.

October 14, 5-7PM and October 15, 6-8PM
PianoFight, 144 Taylor, SF

“Peter Pan and Wendy.  It’s a classic boy meets girl story but what happens afterwards?  What if the girl grows up but the boy can’t.  Or won’t.  Or could but he just can’t get his sh** together.  Seriously – it’s not like Wendy’s asking for much, Peter.  Seriously Peter bro – you’re getting in your own way.  We know you got a lot of stuff on your plate like unemployment and substance abuse.  And then there’s your complicated relationships with pirates, fairies and your shadow.  But dude – it’s time to stop being a lost boy and be a lost man.”

Rehearsals run January 14 – February 6, 2019  in San Francisco and Berkeley.

Performances will be at Pianofight, 144 Taylor in SF on Thursday Nights at 9PM February 7-March 28 2019. (8 Performances total)

Non-AEA, $200 Stipend Provided.


Female – Any Race – Age 30s and over
Desc:   Sensible, smart and mature but not quite as grown up as she believes since she still allows herself to get caught up in Peter’s drama.

Female – Any Race – Age 40s and over
Desc:   She’s had to define herself based on the relationship of the men around her – maiden, mother and crone but she’s really trying to move on with that.

Supporting Character 1*
Male – Asian – 20’s -30’s Will be playing 1-3 supporting roles in the play.

Supporting Character 2*
Female – Asian – 20’s – 30’s Will be playing 1-3 supporting roles in the play