Never-Ever Land

Written By Sang S. Kim
Directed by Claire Rice

February 7, 14, 21, 28 & March 7, 14, 21, & 28 9PM

Pianofight- 144 Taylor St, SF

$25 GA at the door, $22 GA online advance $18 for groups of 6+

Winner of (In Search Of) THE FUNNIEST PLAY EVER. Peter Pan and Wendy. It’s a classic boy meets girl story but what happens afterwards?  What if the girl grows up but the boy can’t. Or won’t. Or could but he just can’t get his sh*t together.

Awesome Theatre begins 2019 with NEVER EVER LAND,  the tale of Peter, a lost man looking to find clarity after a rough break up with his girl Wendy. With the help of his sponsor Hook he just might find it, but fairydust doesn’t fix all things.

ThursPlays are your new favorite thing to do on a Thursday night. They are late night, new plays written by local playwrights and specifically programmed for the strange and unusual. NEVER EVER LAND is a hilarious, dark, and poignant play that runs for approximately 60 minutes. Perfect for first time theatre goers, and theatre lovers looking for something new and different. Like, really different.

Peter's Got Stories

Featuring: Matt Gunnison, Marissa Clarke-Howard, Charles Lewis III, Rana Rines, Dan Kurtz, Jessica Lim, and Amy Bui

Artistic Staff: Claire Rice, Anthony R. Miller, Jess Thomas, Cassie Barnes, Robby Nothstine, Katie Whitcraft, Colin Johnson, Natalie Ashodian, Apple,and Renee Levesque