HOLY SH*T THAT WAS SCARY (Part 1: The Country)

Wednesday, April 10, 7PM

PianoFight 144 Taylor, SF

Found footage horror comes to life on stage with 3 brand new short horror plays embedded within a larger multimedia-infused narrative, exploring the sinister corners of urban and rural terror.

colinheadshotThe Arrival

Written and Directed by Colin Johnson

Yesterday, a rep from a real estate firm finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere at an abandoned cabin. She searches for the deed to a barren, shuttered state park but keeps coming across increasingly strange and disturbing items, each of which tell a horrifying story from their past.

Featuring: Haley Bertelsen and Vince Faso

pujnacioPHOTO BOMB

Written by Ignacio Zulueta
Directed by Puja Tolton

Recently, two friends seek shelter from a rainstorm and decide to look through the photos of their day trip, only to discover someone, or something, has been following them.

Featuring: Kitty Torres, Julie Kuwabara, and Michael Orion Magee


Written by Tonya Narvaez
Directed by Nikki Meñez

Several years ago, a young academic brings her girlfriend out to the middle of nowhere to research the strange history of the area.

Featuring: Olivia Brown and Nicole Bruno


Written by Dani Spinks
Directed by Colin Johnson

In the distant past, a desperate Detective brutally interrogates a member of a local cult in the hopes of getting answers to the unexplainable events that have plagued the woods.

Featuring: Michael Orion Magee, Kyle McCurdy, and Travis Maider