Pitch your musical to Awesome Theatre!


Do you have part of one?

Do you have an idea for one?


YOUR NEW FAVORITE MUSICAL is a live musical theatre competition where 6 writing teams will be selected to do 15-minute pitches of their original musical to 3 celebrity judges in front of a live audience. 3 on April 15, and 3 on September 23 at PianoFight. The Judges will pick two winners to be developed into 30-minute workshops. One of those will become a fully produced musical by Awesome Theatre.

Send us a 5-minute video pitch with: Who you are, a brief synopsis, character description, and music samples. 6 winners will be chosen to participate in the competition.

The Judges

Leslie Waggoner (Director / Choreographer, Ray of Light Theatre Co, BAM, and Custom Made Theatre Co.)

Dave Moschler (Musical Director, Awesome Orchestra)

Nikki Meñez (Director, Awesome Theatre, Custom Made Theatre Co. )

The Rules

  • This must be a new and unproduced musical. No prior productions or workshops. 
  • Writing Teams must be complete and consist of a Writer and a Composer.
  • The entire writing team must be SF/Oakland/Bay Area residents.
  • No musicals based on, or adaptations of Copyrighted material you do not have the rights to.

Send your five-minute video pitch to submissions@awesometheatre.org



I am the writer AND  the composer, is that OK?

It sure is.

What are we looking for? 

As far as content, don’t worry about it, just pitch the idea you’re excited about. Criteria wise, we want to know the story, who the story is about and what the songs sound like. But also, why do you think it should be produced? Show us why you’re passionate about your idea.

Who picks the top 6?

The staff of Awesome Theatre

So is this a performance?

Think of it as a “Performed Pitch”. You are selling your show to our judges and the audience, It can be as elaborate or simple as you want.  The pitch itself should not only give us an idea of your musical and it’s potential, but it should be entertaining as well. 

Is there money involved? 

Yes, the six teams selected to pitch also win $75 each. The two teams chosen for workshops also win a cash prize.

Can someone else perform the songs

Yes, do whatever you want. 

What if I have a director already attached?

We can talk about it.

This feels like a mix of “Gutenberg, The Musical” and “Shark Tank”.

Yes, exactly.