Awesome Theatre’s statement on COVID-19


Due to City Ordinances caused by COVID-19, our home venue PianoFight has closed its doors for the next 8 weeks. This will result in the cancellation of our current show, Clickbait, and the postponement of Your New Favorite Musical. While it is sad and a little bit scary, we support their decision 100%. We want to thank the playwright, Tonya Narvaez for her brilliant, dark, and gutsy play. It was an honor to Produce. Thank you to our Stage Management team, Kerri and Tonya, our intrepid director Claire Rice and our wonderful cast Carly, Sam, Caroline, and Jorden. This is never how we want a show to end, but we are grateful for the time you shared with us.

While Awesome Theatre is small and runs on a modest budget, we are not impervious to the financial ramifications of canceling a show. Part of our deal with PianoFight is that a part of our rent is paid in the backend, simply put, ticket sales pay our rent. We have also committed to paying all of the actors and production staff the remainder of their expense stipends. When it is all said and done, we will take a loss north of $2000. 

Now let’s be honest, there are a lot of companies that need help, (big help). So what we are asking is to “Buy a ticket”. If you had tickets and got refunded, if you were planning on coming and didn’t buy a ticket, even if you would have bought a ticket if you lived nearby or wasn’t so dang busy, now is your chance to help.

Just follow this link and make a donation of $25, the price of a ticket to ClickBait. This small thing will help us immeasurably, it allows us to recoup the money we would have made through ticket sales, and make sure people are able to spread their generosity around to all the companies in need.

This brings us to PianoFight our home venue and partner. Their closing affects not just us but incredible groups like Killing my Lobster and The SF Neo-Futurists. It affects all the people working there who suddenly have no job for 8 weeks. In order for PianoFight to help its employees during this time and cover general expenses, they need $50K a month. So if there is one group you should heave money at, it is them. Awesome Theatre would not exist without PianoFight, they are a huge part of the SF Arts scene and like many small buisnesses, desperately need our help. 

So yes, throw us a little cash, $25 will do (If you give us $100, we can give you a T-shirt or something), but without PianoFight, we’re not much. So please show support and generosity to this wonderful bar, restaurant and performance venue that is an artistic home to so many. 

Donate to PianoFight Here

It’s a scary-ass time that becomes more real every day. The greatest thing we can have right now is hope. The belief that in 8 weeks or so we can begin living our lives again. You will be hearing from us on Social Media and our website, so stay tuned. We cannot wait to sit in a theater with all of you again. 

Anthony, Colin, Jess,Claire, and Kerri