Your New Favorite Musical Part 1

The Awesome Theatre Hour returns July 23 with Part 1 of YOUR NEW FAVORITE MUSICAL! It’s a musical competition in which two writing teams pitch their original musical to our panel of celebrity judges. The winner goes on to fight for a chance to get their show produced. Hosted by the hilarious duo of Wonder Dave and Tirumari Jothi. 

Your Writers:

“Color Your World” 

Music and Lyrics by Christian Cantrell, Book by Terry Amara Borero

“Young Natalia faces adversity and overcomes it with help of the Colors and Gigi. She learns several truths: friendship matters, imagination can overcome, and keeping a happy thought is an act of courage. Act 2 takes place 25 years later and Natalia is a college grad, struggling to put her life together. Are the lessons she learned from Gigi and the Colors still applicable or was it child’s play?”

“Pinball The Musical” 

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Derek Lipkin.

“You may have played pinball, but have you ever wondered what life is like “under the glass”? Now, you can! Experience the thrilling sights and sounds of a pinball adventure with Pinball! The Musical, a new Broadway-style show about one pinball trying to save the day. You will simply flip for this show! Just don’t tilt!”

Your Judges:

Nikki Meñez– Director, YouthAware Program Director for NCTC. Casting Director for Awesome Theatre
Leslie Waggoner-Choreographer and Director (Ray of Light, Custom Made Theatre, BAM.)
Dave Moschler– Conductor and Artistic Director at Awesöme Orchestra Collective

Your Hosts:

Wonder Dave is a comedian, writer, pro-wrestling commentator, and all-around swell human. His favorite musical is “Hair”. You can find him online at and on social media @teamwonderdave

Tirumari Jothi is a geeky stand-up comedian, improviser, sketch comedian, and actor based in the Bay Area and has performed at a variety of venues around California and the country. His favorite musical is “The Music Man.”

The Awesome Theatre Hour Presents: Your New Favorite Musical Part 1 (of 3)

Hosted by Wonder Dave and Tirumari Jothi

Celebrity Judges: Dave Moschler, Leslie Waggoner, and Nikki Meñez

Featuring: “Color Your World” by Christian Cantrell and Terry Amara Borero and “Pinball The Musical” by Derek Lipkin

Premieres July 23, 8 PM PST