Your New Favorite Musical PART 2

Thursday, August 13, 2020, at 8 pm
On the Awesome Theatre YouTube Channel

The Awesome Theatre Hour presents YOUR NEW FAVORITE MUSICAL! It’s a musical competition in which two writing teams pitch their original musical to our panel of celebrity judges (think the Voice meets Shark Tank). The winner goes on to fight for a chance to get their show produced by us! Entertainment for you, opportunities for writers, and a show for us. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario!

Next up on Your New Favorite Musical is an episode filled with mothers, babies and…weasels? Well…yup,, that’s right. Tune in on July 14th at 8pm PST to find whether these babies will “pop goes the weasel.” One thing’s for sure is you don’t want to nap on this episode filled with hilarious hijinks, touching moments, and dare we say…DRAMA.



Book, Music and Lyrics by Jennifer Gallagher

From the mandolin player and vocalist for the nationally acclaimed Americana band “Run Boy Run” comes a brand new musical, “MOMMALLIA”. This all original comedy/drama tells the story of three new mothers whose lives intertwine when they decide to form a “nanny share”. Filled with relatable moments of connection and hilarity, this musical will have you rolling from start to finish as you witness the women navigate the early days of sleep deprivation and longing for some “alone time.” Though the story draws you in with its comedic timing, you’ll stay for the more contemplative exploration of race, class, and privilege as it pertains to motherhood. Whether or not you are a mother, have a mother, or know a mother, this musical is enjoyable for all. 


Book, Music, and Lyrics by David G. Smith

Weasels is a musical romp through the violent world of being a weasel. A competition for the year’s best weasel is hastily interrupted by Adoreselle, a young curious weasel who wants nothing else but to find magic in their measly world.

‘Better than it should be” – World Weasel News.


Wonder Dave is a comedian, writer, pro-wrestling commentator, and all-around swell human. His favorite musical is “Hair”. You can find him online at and on social media @teamwonderdave

Tirumari Jothi is a geeky stand-up comedian, improviser, sketch comedian, and actor based in the Bay Area and has performed at a variety of venues around California and the country. His favorite musical is “The Music Man.”

Your Judges

Nikki Meñez– Director, YouthAware Program Director for NCTC. Casting Director for Awesome Theatre
Leslie Waggoner-Choreographer and Director (Ray of Light, Custom Made Theatre, BAM.)
Dave Moschler– Conductor and Artistic Director at Awesöme Orchestra Collective

Your New Favorite Musical Part 2

Hosted by Wonder Dave and Tirumari Jothi

Celebrity Judges: Nikki Menez, Dave Moeschler, and Leslie Waggoner

Contestants: Weasels by David G. Smith, and MOMMALIA by Jennifer Sandoval

Thursday, Augusrt 13, 2020 at 8pm on Awesome Theatre’s YouTube Channel