You New Favorite Musical Part 3

Thursday, August 27, 2020, at 8 pm
On the Awesome Theatre YouTube Channel

The Awesome Theatre Hour presents YOUR NEW FAVORITE MUSICAL! It’s a musical competition in which two writing teams pitch their original musical to our panel of celebrity judges (think the Voice meets Shark Tank). The winner goes on to fight for a chance to get their show produced by us! Entertainment for you, opportunities for writers, and a show for us. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario!

On our penultimate episode of Your New Favorite Musical you’re going to want to grab a drink, because our musical contestants will have you sipping your cocktail and downing shots all in the same night (please drink responsibly). SINergy, The Musical walks us through the dangers and hilarity of working for a demonic corporation, literally. On the flip side, Yer Darn Tootin will take us on a soothing cruise sipping our martini’s, while we listen to the jazzy tunes inspired by the musical stylings of the 1930s. Tune in at 8pm, August 27rd to find out who will join the ranks of our fabulous finalists.



Music and Lyrics by Mike Osgood and Liz Baker, Book by Sang S. Kim

In SINergy, the Musical, we follow our naive new hire, Liz, and jaded re-hire, Mike, as they quest to get from the bottom to top of the secretive and sinisterly demonic corporation, Exicorp Inc. Together, this business duo will sacrifice for their goals, perservere for their dreams, and maybe do some murder to travel through the Seven Floors of Business and escape the dangerous trials set in place for them, all while trying not to spill their morning cup of joe. Exicorp is here to cause turmoil for our heroes BUT wants to make sure we play it all by the book, because the book is GOD/important so please sign off these NDAs because it’s all about being transparent you know?

SINergy – “You should have quit while you had the chance.”


By Dennis Finnegan and Johny Blood

Singer/guitarist/composer Dennis Finnegan and poet/tuba player Johny Blood met while working at a classical music festival in Wyoming. They formed a song-writing partnership in the Tin Pan Alley and Brill Building traditions. Their Americana band Along Came Jones performed throughout the Bay Area and released two albums.  They began performing songs mixed with monologues as The Book of Jones at cafés and bookstores around the Bay Area.  Joined by performers Juliana Sorem and Kathy Sparling, they presented a full-length piece called “Adam & Eve on a Raft” at the Fringe Festival in 2018, which was awarded best of the SF Fringe for that year.  However, their dream has long been to create a 30s style musical which is set, like so many great musicals, on a ship.  “Yer Darn Tootin’” is their tribute to Preston Sturges, George S. Kaufman, Cole Porter and the Gershwin Brothers.


Wonder Dave is a comedian, writer, pro-wrestling commentator, and all-around swell human. His favorite musical is “Hair”. You can find him online at and on social media @teamwonderdave

Tirumari Jothi is a geeky stand-up comedian, improviser, sketch comedian, and actor based in the Bay Area and has performed at a variety of venues around California and the country. His favorite musical is “The Music Man.”


Nikki Meñez– Director, YouthAware Program Director for NCTC. Casting Director for Awesome Theatre
Leslie Waggoner-Choreographer and Director (Ray of Light, Custom Made Theatre, BAM.)
Dave Moschler– Conductor and Artistic Director at Awesöme Orchestra Collective

Your New Favorite Musical Part 3

Hosted by Wonder Dave and Tirumari Jothi

Celebrity Judges: Nikki Menez, Dave Moeschler, and Leslie Waggoner

Contestants: “Yer Darn Tootin” by Dennis Finnegan and Johny Blood , and SINERGY by Liz Baker, Mike Osgood, and Sang S. Kim

Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 8pm on Awesome Theatre’s YouTube Channel


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