Awesome Theatre’s Socially Distanced Halloween Special and Fundraise-A-Thon

Wednesday, October 28, 7 PM
Awesome Theatre’s YouTube Channel

Join us for a special online event! “The Awesome Theatre Socially Distanced Halloween Special Fundraise-A-Thon” promises to be a hilarious and entertaining evening benefiting our 2021 lineup of online and live productions.  Watch the entire staff of Awesome Theatre attempt to put on a super-spooky telethon hosted by clown legend Sara “Toby” Moore and our 2019 Artist in Residence, Kaylamay Paz Suarez, loud punk rock by our “Haunted House Band”, THE CREEPY CRAWLIES, and a cavalcade of circus, music, poetry, burlesque, and comedy acts, a kickass online silent auction and the unveiling of our 2021 lineup! 

Marc Pomerleau (Fighting History of SF Chinatown) returns with Chinatown legend Cynthia Yee to regale you with true stories of grisly murders, hauntings, and terror on the streets and alleyways of Chinatown.

Bay Area Comedian Alexandria Love is back with a special and “Spooky AF” edition of DRUNKATURGY. This episode covers The Zodiac Killer, the SS Hornet, and other terrifying tales that go well with whiskey.

It would be illegal to call this a Halloween Special without Awesome Theatre’s beloved scream queen and TERROR-RAMA horror-host, MISS SINDIE CHOPPER. She’s rolling in with a coffin full of fun and a very special performance guaranteed to tickle your depraved fancies.

Why are two of the coolest people / playwrights in SF being interviewed by our casting director on a special that is also announcing our 2021 lineup of plays and digital content? We’re sure those things have nothing to do with eachother, but tune in just in case.

JUSTICE NEVER SLEEPS, unless it’s naptime or after 9PM. Direct from AwesomeTown, “Judge Judy Blume: Distance Learning Edition” brings law and order to the virtual playground. Featuring Nora Doane.

One of the coolest people we know, DeMarcello Funes, is rising from the grave to give a bone-chilling performance featuring freaky finger magic and hambone. WARNING: This performance may scare your dog.

Rob Ready goes on a search for the legendary PianoFight Theatre Ghost.

Joyce Lee is an award winning poet, writer, and storyteller from Oakland, Ca. She has performed all over the world, toured with NPR’s Snap Judgement, and for some incredible reason, is willing to perform on our show. We’re pretty excited about it.

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