Available on-demand through April 1, 2021

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Part Three of our found footage horror anthology series has gone virtual. Created and Curated by Artistic Director Colin Johnson and featuring three brand new horror shorts by local writers tied together by the story of a new and exclusive underground App that exploits your worst insecurities and fears.

Ever since Jules (Puja Tolton) became one of the first invited to join ReKomoZe, she’s become withdrawn. She thought it was just a game, but now her dreams are haunted by a dark figure that is creeping into her reality.  Her friends Eric (Marc Abrigo)  and Lacey (Sonia Sawkar) have to solve the mystery of the app before it’s too late.



Written by Alexandria Love

Directed by Nikki Meñez

Kennedi (Yes, with an “I”) is an internet celebrity and lifestyle vlogger with the perfect life. She has a chic SF apartment, a hot surfer husband, and a dog named Sparkles. But when the ReKomoZe app asks her three questions, the answers could destroy everything.

Featuring: Sharon Shao and Edwin Jacobs


Written by Tirumari Jothi

Directed by Sarah Coykendall

The ReKompoZe app made Dana and Trevor famous, now it may tear them apart. When Trevor leaves the app, he becomes distant and on the edge of sanity. While Dana tries to balance maintaining her fame and her relationship, she becomes a witness to his downward spiral.

Featuring: Ed Gonzalez Moreno, Kaylamay Paz Suarez, and Tasi Alabastro


Written by Claire Rice

Directed by Alejandro Emmanuel Torres

He is reclusive, mysterious, and powerful. He is The Founder, the tech genius behind.  ReKompoZe. After a driven young journalist has tracked him down, he grants a rare interview. But The Founder has much bigger plans.

Featuring: Jennifer McNeal and Dan Kurtz

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