Six Things God Hates

Beginning April 8

Directed by Jeunée Simon

Produced by Jess Thomas

According to Proverbs 6:16-19, “There are six things the Lord hates… haughty eyes, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are swift to rush into evil, one who sows discord among brethren and a false witness who speaks lies”. We asked 6 Bay Area writers to create an original radio play based on one of those things. Each writer uses their “thing” as a prompt, where they go from there, it’s anybody’s guess. Featuring a cast of 5 supplying the voices, and Directed by Jeunee Simon, you get a new play on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month starting April 8.

The Cast

Performed by Nic Sommerfeld, Renee Rogoff, Phil Wong, Neiry Rojo, and Alexandria Love

The Plays


Written by Sean Owens

Prompt: A person who stirs up conflict in the community

“Let Professor Palanquin’s medical marvel set YOU free!”

A stranger pulls into Creve Coeur, Missouri, circa 1917, touting an invention that will revolutionize the citizenry— and wreak special havoc upon the denizens of the Trotter Residence. What will this mean for Suffrage? Arranged marriages? And the ever sacred Founders Day Dance?

Premieres on April 8


Written by Rebecca Pierce 

Prompt: A Proud/Haughty Look

A murky tale of murder in the City by the Bay.

After a disturbing call to her late-night request show, DJ Sally Shabbaz hits the streets of 1960s San Francisco to solve the mysterious killing of local minor league baseball mascot, Ephraim the Urchin. Secrets rise to the surface as the intrepid DJ follows a trail of a murderer who is proud of their crime, and shameless about their tastes in music. Murder, conspiracy, and showbusiness come together as Sally gets to the bottom of who really killed Ephraim the Urchin.

Premieres on April 22


Written by Molly Olis Krost

Prompt: A false witness who pours out lies 

“That’s how the dice roll”

A top-notch private investigator is on the case to get the bottom of what happened at a local diner late last night. On their side is their trusted sidekick who has an…unconventional method for sussing out the truth. What happens when their only witness has the potential to unravel everything they’ve worked for?

Premieres on May 13


Written by Alexandria Love

Prompt: A heart that devises wicked schemes

“Once the vault door opens, secrets begin to spill out…”

A fast-talking thief, a mousy hacker, and an unflappable mercenary pull off the biggest heist of their lives under the watchful eye of an aging crime matriarch. In their quest for diamonds, the ill-fated trio will discover that revenge is a family business — and business is booming.

Premieres on May 27


Written By Drew Lucas

Prompt: Feet that are swift in running to evil

“Evil beckons when a young woman discovers she’s solely responsible for the murders and mutilations surrounding her.”

Murders and mutilated flesh haunt a young woman after befriending a dark-arts occultist. But when she discovers that her thoughts, in a moment of passionate hatred, are made real by a malevolent being, she realizes she can put a stop to them all. She must surrender to her dark nature and commit a feat of evil beyond compare in hopes to yield some good. Only then could all be rightfully restored to how things were…for the Devil himself. 

Premieres on June 10


Written by Jess Thomas

Prompt: Hands that Shed Innocent Blood

“When you’re 127 million miles from Earth, there’s no one to save you.

Mars Colony One: the first successful human colony on another planet. A team of scientists and military personnel struggle to maintain sanity, and their very survival. When strange things begin happening, they must come together or perish on a desolate planet.

Premieres on June 24

Check out the trailer!

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