Empress Yee and The Magical History of Chinatown

Awesome Theatre and Chinatown Historian Marc Pomerleau (The Fighting History of SF Chinatown) are teaming up again for EMPRESS YEE AND THE MAGICAL HISTORY OF CHINATOWN, a new documentary that tells the story of Cynthia Yee, a burlesque dancer, entertainer, educator, tour guide, all-around mover and shaker and bender of traditional norms, born, raised, and still creating magic in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Cynthia began dancing and touring with the famous Dorothy Toy Dance troupe at the age of 17 during the halcyon years of the Oriental-themed San Francisco NightClubs of the late 1950s and 60s. Today, Empress Yee and her wild band of former showgirls, artists, and dancing grandmas still perform today as the Grant Avenue Follies, delighting audiences with their amazing range of hula, burlesque, hip hop, and creative collaborations with exotic/erotic performers, drag queens, and anyone else who can try to keep up with their energy, sense of humor, and love of life.

Empress Yee and the Magical History of Chinatown is a chance to explore Chinatown’s alleys, experience stories of Chinatown’s past, and share in her dreams for Chinatown’s future.  Featuring interviews with the Rice Rockettes and the Grant Avenue Follies and stunning shots of Chinatown. This is chicken soup for the soul Chinatown-style with lots of chilies, chicken feet, and perhaps a few other things you’ve never tasted before

Watch the trailer!