The Jersey Devil Play (On Film)

A (filmed) play about Love and Cryptids
Written by Allison Page
Directed by Jan Gilbert 

Now available to rent or buy or Vimeo!

Or come to the live screening on December 17th!

The devil’s in the details — and their house.

Abby and Norman Kristoff have impulsively moved away from their steady lives in Sacramento to a cabin in Moorestown, New Jersey, sight unseen. Thankfully, the quirky locals know everything there is to know: where to eat, what to do, and who’s had a run-in with the Jersey Devil, a centuries-old horse-headed beast with hooves, claws, bat wings, and a bad attitude. The Kristoff’s invested everything they have into their new home and they’ll fight for it, tooth and nail. And they’ll need everything they’ve got because when the devil comes knocking, he rarely comes alone.

This play will be fully staged, performed, and filmed in front of a live audience over two nights at PianoFight Oakland. The performances will premeire as a fully edited multi-camera film presentation online and at special live screenings in December 2021

Featuring: Isabel Anne To, Sam Bertken, Alicia Stamps, Michelle Peck, Edwin Jacobs, and Meghann Hayes

Artistic and Production Staff: Sarahi Arellano, Jan Gilbert, Jess Thomas, Kelli Westad, Sara Saavedra, Kenna Lindsay, Zephaniah Bensaid, Claire Rice, and Anthony R. Miller