A feature length film written By J. Elliott Mendez

Directed by Nikki Meñez

Cinematography by Colin Johnson

Premiere Screening, March 25, 2022 8PM

PianoFight SF, 144 Taylor

When the hunger for justice means you’re on the menu.”

While trying to outrun the apocalypse, four strangers hunker down in an all-but-abandoned house for the night. As the world ends outside, the secrets of each, Dakota – a suburban mom, Argentina – a grassroots political activist, and Milwaukee – the group’s gun-toting self-proclaimed protector, come crawling out and pulling at the ties that bind them together. Soon they realize Cincinnati – the house’s owner, hides the most dangerous secret. With time running out, these unlikely allies will first have to answer the question that looms; “is it us or THEM?”

Featuring: Jaq Moore, Pamela-Drummer Williams, Nicole Odell, Nikki Nutterfield, Vince Faso, and Janelle Aguirre

Artistic and Production Team: Eteya Trinidad, Colin Johnson, Erica Andracchio, Nikki Meñez, Claire Rice, Emily Dwyer, and Brittany Mellerson