TERROR-RAMA 4: In Space!

Hosted by
Sindie Chopper

Directed by
Colin Johnson

Featuring New Plays by Jess Thomas and Alandra Hileman

October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 and 29 

Exit Theatre 156 Eddy, SF

The Horror-Theatre Double Feature Returns…Again.

Horror-Host Sindie Chopper returns for Halloween to kick you in the death stars with two tales of intergalactic terror taking place in the vast reaches of outer space. One play guarantees to scare, the other play promises horrific hilarity.

Parallax Denigrate by Alandra Hileman  

When six spacecraft workers are quarantined in a server room with no way to communicate with the outside world, mistrust, and paranoia quickly breed carnage.

Space Babes From Planet Evil By Jess Thomas

After most of the crew is killed in an alien drug-related incident, the USS Steve Gutenberg, the worst starship in the fleet, will face their greatest threat, two perfectly nice aliens. 

Featuring Marc Abrigo, Puja Tolton, DeMarcello Funes, Valerie Fachman, Helen Park, Natalia Delgado, Crystal Liu, and Tabbitha McBride.

Production Team: Colin Johnson, Kelli Westad, Nikki Meñez, Jess Thomas, Alandra Hileman, Anthony Miller, Zephaniah Bensaid, Brittany Mellerson, Tunuviel Luv, Kenna M. Lindsay and Joshua Marx.