Awesome Theatre’s 2023 Lineup

Awesome Theatre proudly presents its 2023 lineup of new work, by local artists, that celebrate everything wonderfully weird in the world. This year, we’re presenting two mainstage plays packed with murder, mayhem and 4th wall breaking arson. Not to mention the premiere of our latest and weirdest film project, and a sneak peek at the final installment of TERROR-RAMA.

We’re Sorry For Making This

A Short Film Witten By Christopher McGee
Directed by Jess Thomas

Premiere Screening February 2023

“Digby, a performer, pilot, perhaps a used car salesman, wants to share their world with you… but are you ready?”

From the mind of Christopher Magee comes a tale of manic wonder. Our host Digby guides you through their world of talking rooms, murderous cameras, and avant garde cinema. Will she be able to share her opus with the world, or will ethereal absurdity swallow her whole? Seriously though, this is quite possibly the weirdest thing we’ve done.

Are You Goth Enough To Be Haunted, Fall In Love With The Wrong Guy, Get Revenge And Burn Down The Mall?

Written By Claire Rice
Directed by Neil Higgins

Fri/Sat 7 PM April 14-29 2023

Hey, don’t write yourself off…yet.”

What would you do if you fell in love with a hot older man and were haunted by the ghost of his past lover all while working at a minimum-wage summer job at the mall? Would you let the gothic romance of it all take you down, or would you fight against fate? Burn baby burn.

Lizard Women

Written by Eteya Trinidad
Directed by Nikki Meñez

September / October 2023

Cold-blooded b*tches need love, too.

Clarissa and Tilly can’t help that they’re bloodthirsty sluts that turn into lizards. At least they have the city coven for sisterly support when the dating scene is rough, even though they’re running out of eligible roommates. But when a newbie joins the apartment and Tilly gets overly attached to her dinner, the head coven leader starts breathing down the two women’s necks… er, dewlaps. On top of that, Clarissa might want to be more than just gal pals with Tilly. Can Clarissa and Tilly make it in a lizard-eat-lizard world?


October 2023

The Horror-Theatre Double Feature as we know it will take its last ride in 2024. But first, be there for the first public reading of the two plays that will finish out the TERROR-RAMA series.

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