The Awesome Theatre Double Feature

Thursday, March 2, 8 PM

144 Taylor, SF

Awesome Theatre is saying goodbye to PianoFight with two premiere film screenings in one night. (Yes, we make movies too.) Don’t miss this extraordinary double feature of short films guaranteed to capture your imagination, delight you, and perplex you. One film is a bizarre new story created by the mad genius Christopher Magee. The other is a project that was made in the doldrums of the COVID lockdown and will now get its first public screening.

We’re Sorry For Making This

A Short Film Witten By Christopher Magee
Directed by Jess Thomas

“Digby, a performer, pilot, perhaps a used car salesman, wants to share their world with you… but are you ready?”

From the mind of Christopher Magee comes a tale of manic wonder. Our host Digby guides you through their world of talking rooms, murderous cameras, and avant-garde cinema. Will she be able to share her opus with the world, or will ethereal absurdity swallow her whole? Seriously though, this is quite possibly the weirdest thing we’ve done.

Featuring: Anna Kritikos, Mary Ann Rodgers. Renee Rogoff, Kyle McCurdy, and Nora Fernandez Doane McCurdy

I Broke the Looking Glass

A Short Film Written by Puja Tolton
Directed by Phil Wong  

Eddy is on an epic quest… to get her shit together

This film was originally made in late 2020 in the middle of the COVID lockdown. It originally premiered on YouTube and will now receive its first in-person screening! Times are strange and Eddy is cracking up. She’s lost her job, her housemate is mad at her, and long-avoided family issues have peaked their ugly head. After one bad day leads to an overdue breakdown, Eddy falls into a fantasy realm that looks suspiciously like our own. Will her quest through this fantastic world help her face her fears and go to therapy? Or will she give up and become the Dark Lord’s social media manager? Featuring catcalling dragons, wise goblins, hip half-orcs, and licensed therapists (who also happen to be elves). Written by Awesome theatre’s 2020 artist-in-residence, “I Broke the Looking Glass” is a funny and sincere love letter to Oakland, Nerd Culture, and Self Care.