June 19th Line-Up

Oh my stars and garters! Once again Talulah  The Professor (But very much Talulah) has amassed a stockpile of laughter and merrymaking that will leave you walking out of PianoFight reeking, reeking… of entertainmentude.

Featured Performer: Magnoliah Black

MAGNOLIADancer, singer, MC, producer, betazoid and storyteller, Magnoliah Black breaks boundaries by blending modern movement and words with neoburlesque to create socially conscious pieces that add voice to marginalized communities and celebrates the human body.

This kinky, ecstatic, art activist and performer can be found all over the Bay Area with the nation’s longest running Queer Cabaret Show Red Hots Burlesque, Hubba Hubba Revue, Bad Influence Burlesque, Debauchery, Rebel Kings of Oakland and more.

For more information about upcoming shows, classes and events check out her blog https://theungratefulfatbitch.com/

Special Guests

Juliana Lustenader

Juliana Lustenader is a local singer-songwriter and actress. Inspired by folk musicians like Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell, Juliana’s original music features her mezzo soprano voice and storytelling lyrics.




Jeremy Talamantes

talamantesJeremy Talamantes is half Mexican, half White and all the way funny. The day he dropped out of community college he solemnly swore to make others chuckle. This 26 year old Bay Area native is a working class slacker with a taste for the goofier things in life. He has traveled up and down both coasts of America playing anywhere from bars and cafes to theaters and comedy clubs in order to uphold his oath. Not only has Jeremy performed in SF Sketchfest and the International San Francisco Competition, he co-produces The Art Critique, a monthly comedy show where comedians make fun of thrift store paintings.

Juicy Liu

juicyJuicy Liu is a drag entertainment activist living in San Francisco. She is the current reigning Miss GAPA (Gay Asian Pacific Alliance), representing the GAPA Foundation, whose vision is to achieve a nationally influential API LGBTQ community that provides and amplifies our collective voices to promote equality and positive social perception. GAPA Foundation is a grassroots philanthropic organization that provides funds and leverages resources to empower the Asian/Pacific Islander LGBTQ community. Juicy regularly performs as a guest with the Rice Rockettes, an all-Asian drag troupe, as well at other shows in the City.

Jackhammer Serande


Jackhammer Serenade has performed on the final stage showcase at IWPS 2009, toured nationally on three occasions at such prestigious venues as: NYC’s Nuyorican poetry cafe, Denver’s Mercury Poetry Cafe, The Richmond Poetry Slam, Hollywood’s Da Poetry Lounge and have performed a 30 min opening set for The Wailers at the Desert Rocks Music Festival. They are very happy to meet you and to share in the company of this conversation.

Currently Jackhammer Serenade is focusing primary efforts on running the 501 (c)(3) non profit, Digital Storytellers. An organization committed to bringing spoken word poetry and hands on film documentation education into schools around the bay area.


Quicksand Survivors


Quicksand Survivors is a Bay Area-based sketch comedy group dedicated to entertaining the public while also educating them about the pervasive danger of quicksand. They also aim to raise awareness about the risks involved with putting too much detergent in the washing machine and the all-too-common pitfalls of switching brains with a loved one. Learn more on Twitter: @QuicksandComedy

But Wait there’s more!

“The Art of Drama” with Anna Kritikos, Sing-Alongs, audience contests and copious amounts of hi-jinks and ballyhoo.

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June 12th Line-Up

The Professor  (Tallulah, actually) has done it again! He (She) has brought together yet another magnificent line up of performers to astound and amaze. Continue on to see your future, a future… of entertainmentatude.

Featured Performer: Mighty Mike McGee


Mighty Mike McGee is a funny stand-up poet from San José, California. He’s performed his comedic storytelling and poetry in thousands of cities and towns for millions of ears throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. McGee won all of the most coveted U.S. poetry slam titles and is one of the best known and liked people in the world of chatty writers. He’s been featured on CBC, NPR and HBO multiple times and takes pride in making people laugh and cry from the stage.

Special Guests


chakiChaki has been making lofi gothic funk for over a decade!

The one-man funk punk of Chaki is not to be read about but to be listened about, or to, listened to.


Ruby Gill

rubyRuby Gill has lived in San Francisco for over a decade. When she isn’t crying on the bus or swallowing paper clips in her cubicle at work, Ruby enjoys vomiting at bus stops, yelling at pigeons, and revealing her most embarrassing moments on stage for laughs. Ruby has performed at the San Francisco Punchline, Cobb’s Comedy Club, Throckmorton Theatre, and as a part of the SF Sketchfest, Desi Comedy Fest, Outsourced Comedy Tour, and 5 Funny Females. Along with having the distinct pleasure of roasting “Saved By The Bell” star Dustin Diamond, Ruby currently produces 2 showcases in San Francisco- Local Talent, Comedy Gold-and 1 in Oakland- Cat People.

If’n Whendy

whendyThey call her “The Queen of Face”, she’s the buxom redhead with a balcony you could recite Shakespeare off of! Ifn Whendy is a performer, Emcee and Producer in San Francisco and has been taking off her clothes in public (with varying degrees of security being called) since 2009. She’s performed with Los Shimmy Shakers at Viva Las Vegas, at Tiki Oasis, Los Angeles and all over the Bay Area. She’s co-Artistic Director of DIVA or Die Burlesque at the EXIT Theatre and has been a force behind theatrical/burlesque extravaganzas such as “Rebel Without A Bra”. She’s also a member of The Devil-Ettes, San Francisco’s Sweethearts and 1960’s Go-Go dance troupe, code name: The Wild One. Check out her filthy mouth and libidinous pleasures at www.ifnwhendy.com

Jenna Robinson

jennaAs the descendant of back-porch storytellers, Jenna Robinson is a poet and musician whose writing explores the intersections of inter-generational trauma and identity. She is a competitive member of the national slam community, holding two Hawaii Slam grand slam titles and placing second in the nation at the 2015 National Poetry Slam competition with Hawaii Slam. She is currently a member of the Berkeley Slam Team and an Expressive Arts Therapy graduate student at the California Institute for Integral Studies.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence


The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence® is a leading-edge Order of queer nuns. Since our first appearance in San Francisco on Easter Sunday, 1979, the Sisters have devoted ourselves to community service, ministry and outreach to those on the edges, and to promoting human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment. We believe all people have a right to express their unique joy and beauty and we use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit.

But Wait there’s more!

“The Art of Drama” with Anna Kritikos, Sing-Alongs, audience contests and copious amounts of hi-jinks and ballyhoo.

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June 5th Line-Up

Come one, come all, marvel at the collection of talent from all the corners of the Bay Area assembled by the Professor himself and Tallulah. (mostly Tallulah, basically all)

Behold, your administers of entertainmentatude!

Feature: Irene Tu


Irene Tu is a San Francisco based stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. A regular at the Punch Line, she was named one of the “Bay Area’s 11 Best Stand Up Comedians” in 2016 by the SFist and has been featured in numerous comedy festivals including SF Sketchfest, Limestone Comedy Festival, and Crom Comedy Festival. Irene hosts several popular shows in the Bay Area including Man Haters, Hysteria, and The Mission Position. You can follow her @irene_tu. irenetu.com

Special Guests


syzygySYZYGY is a beat-boxer and emcee internationally reknowned for his dizzying versatility, wildly inventive rhythm patterns and the ability to transform his voice into any instrument or personality.

A member of the Many Elements beat-boxing trio, he’s rocked the stage at the West Coast Beat-Boxing Championships, collaborating with legends such as Kid Beyond and America’s Got Talent finalist Butterscotch. He DJ’s shows with nothing but his mouth, a mic, and a loop-station at such shows as Tourettes Without Regrets and the Berzekely Slam.

Baruch Porras-Hernandez 

baruchBaruch Porras-Hernandez  is a writer, performer, host, storyteller, and regular KQED community events host based in San Francisco. He has performed in L.A., Washington D.C., NYC, Canada, and all over California. His writing has been published in numerous anthologies, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, he is a Lambda Literary Fellow in Poetry, Lambda Literary Fellow in Playwriting, he regularly organizes poetry shows in the bayarea, is currently the curator and head organizer for The San Francisco Queer Open Mic and is Program Director for ¿Donde Esta Mi Gente? He was born in Toluca, Mexico and grew up in Albany, California.

Vixi Vale

vixiVixi Vale is the lass with sass and smiles for miles, proving that big fun does come in small packages. She’s the co-creator of the upcoming Starlight Room Cabaret at the historic Sir Francis Drake Hotel, a member of Hunny Bunny’s Hot Toddies, the TrashKan Marchink Band, and the Mystic Midway, and a regular performer at Haus Serpens Quixotic Cabaret and Hubba Hubba Revue. Keep an eye on this little sprite of delight at vixivale.tumblr.com.

Joyce Lee 

joyce2Joyce Lee is a writer, educator and performance poet. Joyce is an Oakland, California native whose gift with words and expression have made her an international talent and a surprise to herself. Growing up ignorant to her own poverty and reared in a hyper-conservative religion that often silenced womyn is what made Joyce Lee the blunt activist and fierce womynist she is. Although Joyce was a late bloomer to performance poetry (she didn’t know it existed until 2008) Joyce Lee is the 2009 and 2010 Oakland Grand Slam champion, the 2014 Ill List champion, a story teller for NPR’s Snap Judgement and is working on her first book of collected writings entitled “My Soul Is A Witness”.

Chinese Ballroom

chineseballroomChinese Ballroom is a San Francisco-based improvisational comedy team, specializing in both long and short form improvisation. The year was 2008, when the group was brought together by one woman. When that woman flaked and stopped coming to practice, the team rallied around the one thing they had in common, a Chinese Ballroom. The ballroom, with its dark mysticism, allowed the team to love, hate, laugh, cry, and eventually grow together. The physical ballroom is long gone, but the real ballroom remains in the hearts of these seven men and women.

But Wait there’s more!

“The Art of Drama” with Anna Kritikos, Sing-Alongs, audience contests and copious amounts of hi-jinks and ballyhoo.

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Celebrity Judges for May 10


Who are these people?

We searched high and low throughout the Bay Area and  our Facebook friends lists to bring you three experts in comedy, story telling and theatre. Not to mention good taste.

Sara Moore– Director of the Clown Conservatory at Circus Center in SF.
“Comedy is a doughnut for the soul”

Rob Ready– Artistic Director at PianoFight.
Comedy is: “Just say it,” said Anthony, “I came to you.”

Nazelah Jamison- Nationally renowned Poet and Performer.
“Everything is funny if you look at it the right way. If it’s not funny from the front, walk around to the ass – you’ll find the funny.” 

Are they the judges for every show?

No, the judges will rotate from show to show, but expect to see them more than once.

How does this judging thing work?

After each play, the judges will give a short critique and present a score from 1 – 10 using decimal points to avoid a tie. The play with the highest cumulative score will go to semi-finals. Judges will base their score according to the  “Funniest Play Ever” criteria, which is comprised of:

  • Comedy
  • Clarity
  • Producability
  • Accessibility
  • Relevance
  • Strength of Voice
  • Originality

Is there any Audience Choice?

Funny you should ask, 2 plays will go to finals. One will be chosen at semis by the judges, the other will be chosen by the audience at semis. We also encourage the audience to let the judges know how they feel about the scores.

How can you assign a numeric score to art?

From 1-10 with decimal points, that’s how. Look, we know competition isn’t for everyone. We think this will be a fun experience for writers and audience members to get a real look at what Producers and theatrical artists look for when critiquing work, our goal is to encourage and develop, not crush dreams.


May 10th Lineup

Here they are, your first five flippin’ hilarious gladiators of comedy. Each play will be assigned a director and a cast, they have one week of rehearsal time.

Unleash the Kraken of funny.

“Never Ever Land” by Sang S. Kim

***WINNER of Round 1***


Theorizing that one could write legitimate sketch comedy that would never be called “skits” in his own lifetime, Sang S. Kim awoke to find himself in the Bay Area, suffering from periodic writer’s block and facing a mirror image that unfortunately was actually who he really was. Trapped in independent theater, Sang Kim finds himself leaping from theatre to theater, putting things right, that once went wrong and hoping each time, that his next leap will be the leap home.

Featuring Matt Gunnison, Jan Gilbert and Charles Lewis III. Directed by Colin Johnson 

“Twilight Zone” by Spencer Bainbridge


Spencer Bainbridge is a native of Northern California and believes sandwiches should always be toasted, no question. His work has been featured in Shipwreck, The Mess, SF Sketchfest and SF IndieFest. He does not currently have any pets but is open to suggestions.

Featuring Kyle McReddie and Jayme Catalano. Directed by Jess Thomas



“Holy Toledo” by Susan Jackson

Susan Jackson received the Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award for Best Original Play; it won “top ten” with the SF Fringe Festival. Her plays have been staged- read/produced in New York City, Off-Broadway: (Altruistic Theatre Company, LTM Audio Players, and Manhattan International Festival), Bay Area, Eugene O’Neill Foundation, William Inge New Works Festival, Sydney, a London Pub, and South Carolina. Her plays have been semi-finalists for Fusion Theatre Company and South Carolina Centre Stage. SAMARITAN was a finalist for the Henley Rose Competition for Female Playwrights. She’s a Resident Playwright for 3Girls Theatre Company.  DEATH BE NOT LOUD! won Best of Fringe in the CAPITAL FRINGE. A monologue for TAKEN was selected for publication in BEST WOMEN’S MONOLOGUES FOR 2017.
Featuring Dorian Lockett and Andrew Chung. Directed by Melissa Haines

“Spycraft” by Claire Rice


Claire Rice is sitting behind you in the dark somewhere and she is judging your hair cut. Her plays include Sex in the Next Room, Woman Come Down, The Carmine Lie, It Ain’t Me, Water Line, Demeter’s Daughter, Pride and Succubus, Ares and Eris, Cassandra, The Effects of Ultraviolet Light, and Choose Your Own Apocalypse. Her most recent play, Purity, was produced as part of Awesome Theatre’s Terror-Rama 2: Prom Night. She has also been lucky enough to have short plays featured in San Francisco Olympians Festival, Pint-Sized Plays, Shotz SF, and Llama Theater’s Monthly Question series. Claire graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a BFA in Performance before moving to San Francisco to earn her MFA in Playwriting from SF State.  She is currently working on My Cannibal Summer for Awesome Theatre’s Terror-Rama 3 and an untitled radio active monster play for Quantum Dragon Theatre Company. She lives and works in San Francisco with her wonderful husband.

She also thinks it’s weird she wrote this in the third person.

Featuring Meghan Chambers, Katie Meinholt and Lucas Buckman. Directed by Christian Haines

“I Wanna Be So Dated” by Maury Zeff

Maury headshot (3) MAURY ZEFF is a playwright and fiction writer whose play COME AND KNOCK ON OUR DOOR premieres May 11 in the Best of PlayGround 2017. As a PlayGround company member, he has received two Emerging Playwright Awards, four People’s Choice Awards, and a 2017 Fellowship. His plays and fiction have been performed and published around the country. He is a SF Writers Grotto Fellow, a co-founder of the Babylon Salon reading series, and has a MFA from the University of San Francisco. He comes from a family in which Scrabble is a bloodsport.

Featuring Kyly McCurdy and Puja Tolton. Directed by Anthony R. Miller













We have done so many playwriting competitions and sketch shows, we decided to mash the two together.


We at Awesome Theatre want to put your funny short play up against 19 other funny short plays over four performances at Pianofight!

The plays will be presented within the loud, belligerent world of public access game shows in the good-old days of drunken hosts, unruly judges, meddling production crew and collapsing sets.

Did those days ever really exist?

Oh, they can.

And they will.

That’s right, we’re going to make a parody series of a playwriting competition while hypocritically conducting an actual playwriting competition!

The winner will receive a full-length world premiere production by Awesome Theatre in lovely San Francisco!

May 10, July 12, Sept 13, Nov. 8
@ Pianofight, 144 Taylor St, San Francisco


Each piece will be scored by THREE LIVE “CELEBRITY” JUDGES during the performance according to the eternal Funniest Play Ever Criteria, which is comprised of:

  • Comedy
  • Clarity
  • Producability
  • Accessibility
  • Relevance
  • Strength of Voice
  • Originality

Winners of each performance will expand their show for the Semi-Finals!

The two winners of the Semi-Finals will expand yet again for the Finals, where two hilarious one-acts will square-off for comic glory.



We are only accepting submissions by Bay Area Residents, it’s just easier that way.

SEND PDF FILES with “FUNNIEST PLAY EVER” and YOUR FULL NAME  in the subject line to cojojohnson@gmail.com


Awesome Theatre is excited to announce AUDITIONS for TERROR-RAMA II: PROM NIGHT!

TERROR-RAMA, the a Horror-Theatre Double Feature, is a new-play incubator that commissions two new horror-themed plays every two years. You can learn more about Awesome Theatre and the TERROR-RAMA series HERE on the Awesome Theatre website.


Sunday, 20 March from 12-3pm
Monday, 21 March from 6-9pm

Auditions will be held at PianoFight, 144 Taylor St., San Francisco

Please come prepared with a 1-min contemporary monologue, and bring a resume and headshot. You may be asked to cold-read from sides. Actors of all races/ethnicities strongly encouraged to audition. Non-AEA, stipend available.

Rehearsals will begin in September, with performances at PianoFight October 14-29.


Show and character descriptions below the cut.




Check out ARM’s shameless self-promotion over on SF Theater Pub this week, and don’t miss the reading of TERROR-RAMA 2 this Monday, october 12th, 8pm at PianoFight!

San Francisco Theater Pub

Anthony R. Miller checks in with some shameless self-promotion.

Hey you guys, so this Monday, the Horror-Theatre Double-Feature returns with the first public reading of TERROR-RAMA 2: PROM NIGHT. It’s a fund raiser, it’s a developmental reading, it’s a party. I have a million reasons I want you to be there, but I’ll whittle it down to five.

Join us on the Journey

This “Grand Unveiling” of sorts is just the beginning. TR2 will get a full production in October 2016 at the lovely new PianoFight. This reading begins our year-long effort to produce the show. Just like last time we will give you a crapload of behind-the-scenes access like photos, videos and the backstage journal known as the TERROR-RAMA DIARIES. Follow us as we fundraise, design, plan and stage this crazy, crazy show.

New Plays

I feel like we’ve really upped our game here. We’ve got two brand new…

View original post 462 more words

The Five: Things Smart People Told Me

Our own ARM offers some great second-hand advice in this week’s “The Five” over at SF Theater Pub!

San Francisco Theater Pub

Anthony R. Miller checks in with some good advice.

Hey you guys, so full disclosure; I am not famous, nor am I a wildly successful theatre producer. I’ve done Ok, but one thing is for sure, I’ve worked with and learned from some amazing people. Over time and throughout my adventures, these people have bestowed upon me various nuggets of knowledge. I want to recognize that it might be a bit audacious of me to make a “Tips for success list”. So think of this as “Tips to Not Fail Completely” or “Tips to Do Reasonably Well.” As usual, there are five.

“Know Thy Tree”
Basic, but a rule I still follow. Don’t pick a project beyond your means. Instead, tailor your projects to the resources you have. Know what’s possible, know where to push. I recently wrote a fog machine into a script. Why? Because dramatically it made sense…

View original post 945 more words

TERROR-RAMA DIARIES #5: Welcome to the Dead Zone

Howdy Creeps and Weirdos,

I owe you an update. I owe the Terror-Rama Kickstarter backers an update. I owe my own website three or four updates. I probably owe the NSA an update, and I don’t even work for them. See, this is what happens when you hit the Dead Zone.

Photo of an actual silver-nitrate dageurreotype on tin of me emulating post-mortem photography. In case you thought i was the normal member of the group.

Photo of an actual tintype of me emulating post-mortem photography. In case you thought I was the normal one on the crew.

Sorry, let me back up. Most of you probably don’t know who I am. I’m Alandra, and I’m the strange hybrid production manager/stage manager for TERROR-RAMA (and frequently the disembodied voice of the Facebook page). I got involved with this project less because I was qualified and more because I threw myself at Anthony and Nick after the staged reading last October and begged them to let me help, and in January they called me and asked me to join the team.

Yes, you read that right. I was hired in January.*

One thing we were all adamant about was making sure we had plenty of time to get TERROR-RAMA up and running, so we met and laid out our production calendar in January, giving us just about nine-and-a-half months from first production meeting to opening night. And even that seemed terrifyingly short when we looked over everything that we had to do. But we knew that after the initial flurry of auditions, fundraising, and the preview reading we’d get a little bit of a break before proper rehearsals started up.

And that’s where we are now. I’m calling it the Dead Zone. It’s that awkward in-between time on a production when you KNOW there’s a ton of stuff to do, but none of it is so pressingly urgent that you have to do it right now, so you end up on Netflix for seven hours instead.** And yes, it’s totally going to come back to bite me like a rabid werewolf when I realize that I’ve missed some sort of deadline and I have to scramble, but fortunately I’m used to scrambling. It is, in fact, my default start. That’s why when these longer stretches of down-time hit, it’s so easy to get too relaxed and forget to do anything, like sending out the long-overdue Kickstarter polls or getting the promo photo shoot on the calendar. (“But we don’t need those photos until August! Which is in…three days. Crap, when’d that happen?”)

To be fair, in this age of social media it’s a lot easier to not totally disappear in the down-time of a production. As some of you may have noticed, we’ve (mostly) kept up with regular postings on our Facebook page. And it’s not as though we haven’t been working on things behind the scenes too. Anthony and Nick are working on final script rewrites, Colin is plotting out rehearsals, I’m making to-do lists and tearing my hair out and Natalie is styling me a great wig.***

But what it really comes down to is that the last couple of months have been our giant collective exhale. We have a complete cast (finally!), a venue (we love you Exit Theatre!), two great scripts, and a solid team of designers who are about to start getting frenetic phone calls as we hit the next quick sprint of panicked deadlines in preparation for the beginning of rehearsals. So now that we’ve had our minute of relaxation, buckle up and join us as we hurtle out of the Dead Zone toward Hell Week at breakneck speed.

And if you really want the play-by-play, sign up for our spiffy new Awesome Newsletter!, which will bring you updates, behind-the-scenes photos and videos from rehearsals, and news about tickets and all that fun stuff, updated whenever we’re procrastinating on those to-do lists I mentioned earlier. (Like how I turned this update into a shameless plug? That’s why they hire me.)

Click here and sign up for our Awesome Newsletter! We promise it’ll be good!

So that’s my long-winded and rambling explanation of why we’ve been so quiet the last few weeks. But things are about to heat up in a big way. Like, an exploding boiler in the school basement while the kids are trapped in the science classroom by a horrifying Frankenstinian biology experiment come to life type heat. It’ll be, well, awesome.

-Alandra Hileman, Production Manager/Social Media Monkey

P.S.: I feel I owe you all a personal apology for the lack of terrible horror puns in the blog. I’m very sorry. This is a truly unacceptable state for any campy horror blog. I will try to make up for it in the Awesome Newsletter!, I promise.


*“Hired” is a very loose term in this case. They gave me coffee and told me I was pretty. (Though everyone is getting paid too; thanks Kickstarter backers!)

**That’s a lie. I don’t have Netflix. I was playing Marvel Puzzle Quest on my phone.

***Natalie actually does a lot of production management and organization and is our fantastic fiscal controller, so she should get an extra footnote singing her praises. Yay, Natalie!