Let’s Kill Jessica

Written By Claire Rice

Directed by Nikki Meñez

Thursday Nights at 9PM

September 26, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, November 7 & 14

PianoFight, 144 Taylor, SF

Three women named Jen, Jenny, and Jennifer plot to murder their co-worker Jessica, who is like, the worst. What happens next is bloody, funny and ultimately teaches us all a lesson in working together. Just kidding, Hell is other people.

Taking its cues from “Heist gone wrong”  stories, Rice flips the script and tells the story from the perspective of women within modern office culture. This dark and depraved new comedy shines a light on unhappiness, materialism, and what happens when professional women confront their own expectations.

Featuring: Janelle Aguirre, Sarah Coykendall, Annie Dick, Travis Maider and Sonia Sawyer

Artistic Staff: Tanya Acosta, Kerri M. Blake Cavanaugh, Colin Johnson, Tunuviel Luv,  Nikki Meñez, Anthony R. Miller, Claire Rice, Sara “Edie” Saavadra, Jasmin Santiago, Jess Thomas, and Katie Whitcraft 


Wednesday, July 10, 7PM
PianoFight 144 Taylor, SF

Found footage horror comes to life on stage once again in the second part of this terrifying new anthology with 3 brand new short plays embedded within a larger multimedia-infused narrative.

This time, it explores the sinister corners of urban terror as two people (Olivia Brown and Melissa Keith
) search for a missing loved-one in a derelict, condemned apartment block on a deserted city pier.


Written by Sunil Patel
Directed by Colin Johnson

An undocumented family man has had it with his corrupt Landlord’s “asylum taxes”, so he decides to do something about it.


Written by Christopher Magee
Directed by Puja Tolton

A survivor recounts their horrific experience to an authority, slowly getting lost in their own dark memory.

Featuring Jan Gilbert and Michael Magee


Written by Red Durkin
Directed by Tanya Acosta

Abducted and brought to a dark, secluded room, a Young Woman learns of the nefarious, otherworldly plans which have been made for her.

Featuring Sarah Coykendall and Travis Maider


A Sketch Comedy-Play Written by Marc Abrigo, Nora Doane, Clay Newman, Jess Thomas, Meg Trowbridge and Molly Sanchez.

Directed by Colin Johnson

June 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, and 22 at 7PM

PianoFight – 144 Taylor , SF

$25 GA At-the door, $22 online advance, $18 for Groups of 6+

Children’s Entertainment gone horribly, horribly wrong.

It’s retiring child star Mini-Mandy’s last day at AwesomeTown, a local Children’s network having, some..(ahem) problems. Will she walk away from all her magical friends forever, or will she have a change of heart? This new sketch comedy-play is a hysterical and demented homage to the Children’s shows we all love. Featuring Self defense for 8 year olds, digestive system hip-hop, puppets with artistic integrity and Kindergarten Courtroom drama.

Featuring: Sara-Jean Bartky, Puja Tolton, Jessica Lim, Tavis Kammet, Stephanie Fields, and Nora Doane.

Production Staff: Kelli Westad, Zoe Linton, Sissy St. Maarten, Natalie Ashodian, Anthony R. Miller, Tanya Acosta, Colin Johnson

HOLY SH*T THAT WAS SCARY (Part 1: The Country)

Wednesday, April 10, 7PM

PianoFight 144 Taylor, SF

Found footage horror comes to life on stage with 3 brand new short horror plays embedded within a larger multimedia-infused narrative, exploring the sinister corners of urban and rural terror.

colinheadshotThe Arrival

Written and Directed by Colin Johnson

Yesterday, a rep from a real estate firm finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere at an abandoned cabin. She searches for the deed to a barren, shuttered state park but keeps coming across increasingly strange and disturbing items, each of which tell a horrifying story from their past.

Featuring: Haley Bertelsen and Vince Faso

pujnacioPHOTO BOMB

Written by Ignacio Zulueta
Directed by Puja Tolton

Recently, two friends seek shelter from a rainstorm and decide to look through the photos of their day trip, only to discover someone, or something, has been following them.

Featuring: Kitty Torres, Julie Kuwabara, and Michael Orion Magee


Written by Tonya Narvaez
Directed by Nikki Meñez

Several years ago, a young academic brings her girlfriend out to the middle of nowhere to research the strange history of the area.

Featuring: Olivia Brown and Nicole Bruno


Written by Dani Spinks
Directed by Colin Johnson

In the distant past, a desperate Detective brutally interrogates a member of a local cult in the hopes of getting answers to the unexplainable events that have plagued the woods.

Featuring: Michael Orion Magee, Kyle McCurdy, and Travis Maider


Never-Ever Land

Written By Sang S. Kim
Directed by Claire Rice

February 7, 14, 21, 28 & March 7, 14, 21, & 28 9PM

Pianofight- 144 Taylor St, SF

$25 GA at the door, $22 GA online advance $18 for groups of 6+

Winner of (In Search Of) THE FUNNIEST PLAY EVER. Peter Pan and Wendy. It’s a classic boy meets girl story but what happens afterwards?  What if the girl grows up but the boy can’t. Or won’t. Or could but he just can’t get his sh*t together.

Awesome Theatre begins 2019 with NEVER EVER LAND,  the tale of Peter, a lost man looking to find clarity after a rough break up with his girl Wendy. With the help of his sponsor Hook he just might find it, but fairydust doesn’t fix all things.

ThursPlays are your new favorite thing to do on a Thursday night. They are late night, new plays written by local playwrights and specifically programmed for the strange and unusual. NEVER EVER LAND is a hilarious, dark, and poignant play that runs for approximately 60 minutes. Perfect for first time theatre goers, and theatre lovers looking for something new and different. Like, really different.

Peter's Got Stories

Featuring: Matt Gunnison, Marissa Clarke-Howard, Charles Lewis III, Rana Rines, Dan Kurtz, Jessica Lim, and Amy Bui

Artistic Staff: Claire Rice, Anthony R. Miller, Jess Thomas, Cassie Barnes, Robby Nothstine, Katie Whitcraft, Colin Johnson, Natalie Ashodian, Apple,and Renee Levesque



Awesome Theatre’s 2019 Lineup

New plays, local artists, also weird

Awesome Theatre  is proud to present another year of world premiere plays written and performed by local artists, guaranteed to supply you with a metric crapload of laughs, bloodcurdling screams, and WTF moments. Liking Theatre not required.


Written by Sang S. Kim
Directed by Claire Rice

Winner of (In Search Of) THE FUNNIEST PLAY EVER. Peter Pan and Wendy. It’s a classic boy meets girl story but what happens afterwards?  What if the girl grows up but the boy can’t. Or won’t. Or could but he just can’t get his sh*t together.  

February 7, 14, 21, 28 & March 7, 14, 21, & 28 9PM

Featuring: Matt Gunnison, Marissa Clarke-Howard, Charles Lewis III, Rana Rines, Dan Kurtz, Jessica Lim, Amy Bui


Found footage horror comes to life on stage with 6 brand new short horror plays embedded within larger multimedia-infused narratives, exploring the sinister corners of urban and rural terror.

PART 1: The Country
April 10, 7PM

PART 2: The City
July 10, 7PM


Directed by Colin Johnson

Written and/or Performed by Jess Thomas, Meg Trowbridge, Clay Newman, Nora Doane, Edwin Ortiz, Molly Sanchez, Marc Abrigo,  Stephanie Fields, Sara-Jean Bartky, and Puja Tolton 

A strange, silly, and subversive sketch comedy show about a children’s show gone horribly wrong.

June 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, & 22 7PM


The Reading!

The Horror-Theatre Double Feature returns in 2020, but first, get a sneak peek of what we’re planning at the first public reading of these still-developing tales of terror!

Parallax Denigrate by Alandra Hileman
Space Babes from Planet Evil by Jess Thomas

Oct 14, 8PM

Let's Kill Jessica

Written by Claire Rice
Directed by Nikki Meñez

A twisted, blood-soaked office comedy where three co-workers named Jennifer plot to murder their co-worker Jessica, who is like, the worst.

Sept 26, & Oct 3, 10, 17, 24, & 31 Nov 7, 14,  9PM


Written and Performed by Kaylamay Paz Suarez
Directed by Claire Rice and Jess Thomas

Created by our 2019 artist in residence. A wild ride through the intersections of the mind of a First generation, Filipinx, actor, and human being… trying to be human.

November TBA

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Awesome Theatre is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Arts Organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.



Awesome Theatre,  wants YOU to audition for it’s next production, NEVER-EVER LAND, written by Sang S. Kim and Directed by Claire Rice.

October 14, 5-7PM and October 15, 6-8PM
PianoFight, 144 Taylor, SF

“Peter Pan and Wendy.  It’s a classic boy meets girl story but what happens afterwards?  What if the girl grows up but the boy can’t.  Or won’t.  Or could but he just can’t get his sh** together.  Seriously – it’s not like Wendy’s asking for much, Peter.  Seriously Peter bro – you’re getting in your own way.  We know you got a lot of stuff on your plate like unemployment and substance abuse.  And then there’s your complicated relationships with pirates, fairies and your shadow.  But dude – it’s time to stop being a lost boy and be a lost man.”

Rehearsals run January 14 – February 6, 2019  in San Francisco and Berkeley.

Performances will be at Pianofight, 144 Taylor in SF on Thursday Nights at 9PM February 7-March 28 2019. (8 Performances total)

Non-AEA, $200 Stipend Provided.


Female – Any Race – Age 30s and over
Desc:   Sensible, smart and mature but not quite as grown up as she believes since she still allows herself to get caught up in Peter’s drama.

Female – Any Race – Age 40s and over
Desc:   She’s had to define herself based on the relationship of the men around her – maiden, mother and crone but she’s really trying to move on with that.

Supporting Character 1*
Male – Asian – 20’s -30’s Will be playing 1-3 supporting roles in the play.

Supporting Character 2*
Female – Asian – 20’s – 30’s Will be playing 1-3 supporting roles in the play



Celebrating the Bay Area’s best playwrights by reading their most impossible plays.

Featuring “A History of Freaks” by Katie May
Directed by Claire Rice
Musical Guest: Claptrap

Saturday, November 17, 8PM
Exit Theatre, 156 Eddy Street
$10 Online Advance – $15 at the door

Featuring Jess Thomas, Jessica Rudholm, Meg Trowbridge, Sam Bertken, Meghan Chambers, Clay Newman, Stephanie Fields, Charles Lewis III, Katie Whitcraft, Mark Weddle, and Colin Johnson

UNPRODUCEABLE is a reading series where Awesome Theatre brings to the stage the best Bay  Area playwrights and their most unproduceable plays. What makes a play UNPRODUCEABLE? Could it be too many characters? Does it have a live elephant crash through a wall? Do scorpions fall from the rafters in slow motion? Ultimately the story of what makes a play UNPRODUCEABLE is the story of what it means to be a playwright working in the modern theatre. Spend an evening in conversation with a celebrated Bay Area playwright and a hear a play that might not be coming to a stage near you but you’ll wish it was.

UNPRODUCEABLE brings Katie May’s “A History of Freaks” to the EXIT Theatre main stage. May’s entertaining dark comedy circus play tells the story of the Stromboli brothers traveling circus and sideshow, the last vestige of the golden age of traveling shows, is trying to survive in a modern era where screens have replaced live entertainment, and the photo-shopped freak is more appealing than the real thing. We’ll talk with May about the joys of creating commissioned work for a university setting (no character limits!) and the pitfalls of transitioning those shows to other stages (too many characters!) We’ll also hear the play itself performed by great local bay area actors along with some fantastic musical guests. Join Awesome Theatre for an evening of UNPRODUCEABLE new work that will leave you hungry for more.

Katie may

KATIE MAY’s full length plays include Abominable (PlayGround/Symmetry Theatre Company, San Francisco; The Lark Playwrights Conference, NYC; commissioned by SF PlayGround), Manic Pixie Dream Girl (fringeNYC, A.C.T. Costume Shop, San Francisco, commissioned by SF PlayGround), Black Sheep Gospel (Great Plains Theater Conference), A History of Freaks (Finalist David Mark Cohen Award in Playwriting), and Secrets of Gardenias (Piper Center New Play Development Fellowship). Her short play Rapunzel’s Etymology of Zero (Best of Playground Festival, Short + Sweet Sydney) was published in the Best of PlayGround Anthology, 2011, and was subsequently made into an animated short film that screened in festivals both nationally and interntationally. May has been a member of the San Francisco PlayGround Writers Pool since 2008, and a PlayGround Playwright in Residence since 2014.  Her work has received productions in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Arizona, Idaho, and Sydney, Australia. May is the recipient of grants and fellowships from the Virginia Piper Writing Center, National University of Singapore, Women in Film LA, and a two-time SF PlayGround E-merging Writers Award winner. She holds an MFA from Arizona State University. http://tinyurl.com/newplayexchangeKatieMay

Claptrap is the brainchild of Meg Trowbridge (Killing my Lobster, The Ballroom Improv, Pint Sized Plays, SF Olympians Festival, etc) and Eric Rubin (Killing my Lobster, Speechless Live, SF Sketchfest, etc). Their original comedic songs blend genres (hip hop, country, German Aria, etc) and touch on historic and topical themes fed by Meg’s classically trained voice and Eric’s elastic physicality. They were recent winners of the Battle of the Comedy Bands SF and have performed from their debut comedy album Heart of Snarkness throughout the Bay Area from Redwood City to Sacramento.



Directed by Christian Haines
Hosted by Sindie Chopper

The Horror-Theatre Double Feature Rides Again with two world premiere tales of terror.

TERROR-RAMA III: DEAD THE WHOLE TIME amps up the terror in Awesome Theatre’s third production of its horror series with more blood, more screams, and more thrills! Two plays are presented in a “Midnight Movie” double feature style, complete with Horror-Host, Sindie Chopper.

Featuring Matt Gunnison, Theresa Miller, Meghan Chambers, Travis Maider, Caitlyn Prather, and Devin Goodman.

Production / Artistic Staff: Christian Haines, Anthony R. Miller, Apple, Katie Whitcraft, Colin Johnson, Cassie Barnes, Natalie Ashodian, Sissy St. Maarten, Claire Rice, Stephanie Whigham, and Jess Thomas

October 12, 13, 19,20, 26 & 27 7PM
$30 GA at the door, $25 GA online advance $18 for groups of 6+
PianoFight, 144 Taylor, SF

TheSufferedThe Suffered By Colin Johnson

Frederick, a once popular author, now seeing his fame fade retreats to a small hotel for the memorial of his recently deceased wife, Lillian. But when a strange song awakens the truth of Lillian’s death, Frederick cannot escape his secrets.



CannibalSummerMy Cannibal Summer By Claire Rice

A gated community of cannibals welcomes home one of their own from war. But something is different, Eddie doesn’t have “The Hunger” anymore. When he falls for the community’s newest resident Sonia, he decides to escape and finds out coming home is easy, but leaving could kill you.





Mercy Killing

By Alandra Hileman

Directed by Claire Rice

Thursday nights at 9PM, June 21 & 28, July 5, 12, 19 & 26

Love is dead, literally.

Mercy is a barista in San Francisco. She’s also a serial killer. The only one who knows is a Grim Reaper named Thana, her girlfriend, sort of, it’s complicated. The two of them navigate a tenuous romance while trying to evade detection by the authorities on either side of mortality.



Olivia Brown,

Stephanie Whigham,

Noe Flores,

and Haley Bertlesen



Set Design by Katie Whitcraft, Light Design by Mark Weddle, Prop Design by Robby Nothstine, Costume Design by Natalie Ashodian, Sound Design by Colin Johnson, Fight Chioreography by Kyle McReddie, Graphic Design by Stephanie Whigham