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TERROR-RAMA DIARIES #3: A Note from Sindie Chopper

Hello Creeps, Perverts and weirdos!

My name is Sindie Chopper, but you can call me tonight! 😉 

You are my people and I speak to you today as advocates and supporters of a dying genre: Horror!sindiechopperphotobooth

I am thrilled to have been asked by TERROR-RAMA to fulfill a lifelong dream to be a horror host, and I can’t bloody wait to get started! The anticipation is killing me!

Let me start by giving you all some background on Horror Hosts.

A horror host is a television presenter who’s tasked with showcasing B films to television audiences. Starting in 1957 a collection of horror films were released for syndication, which encouraged the use of hosts for the broadcasts. The collection was called “shock” and host style broadcasting became known as “shock theatre.” More collections were released in 1958 (son of shock), 1962 (creature feature), and 1970 (add-on to creature feature). Vampira is generally considered the first TV horror host. Despite The Vampira Show’s short run from 1954 to 1955), it set the standard for horror hosts and show formats to follow. While a few early characters like Zacherley and Vampira became the icons of this nationwide movement, most hosts were already local TV personalities. Hosts were traditionally plucked from the ranks of the studio staff. It was common for the weatherman or booth announcer to finish nightly news broadcast and race madly to another part of the soundstage for a quick costume adjustment to present the evening’s monster tale. This paved the way for hosts like Elvira, the Crypt Keeper, Hodgson, Crow, Tom, and Gypsy from MST3K, and many others. The impact of these friendly ghouls on their young fans cannot be overstated. That’s where we come in. If it weren’t for these early trail blazers our exposure to these films and style of presentation would be left like my sex life, in the dark.

Resume?  Please, I am so over-qualified, it kills me!

So what are my specific skills? Let me share a few with you pervs: When I was seven, I was brought to my first Broadway production. Having starred in my school play as the mother of the three little pigs and won the talent show in kindergarten, I had already fancied my self an actor and intended continuing on this path. The production was Phantom of the Opera; I was unaware at this time in my life that it was possible for a musical to be dark, creepy, and sad all at the same time. I was also unaware that the crush I developed on the phantom was a preview for the dark depraved nature I would develop. Who else could you hire that gets wet every time they hear “Music of the Night”?

Now that you have a glimpse into my sick head, lets jump forward a few years.

If you hadn’t already guessed, I was not your typical little girl begging mommy for the latest in Disney princess cookie-cutter costume-rack deal finery. No, I was a little more twisted than that. With my favorite stuffed animal, a black cat named Piewacket, I went headless to my third grade Halloween parade. This not only freaked out my teachers and fellow students, but also encouraged my mom give up on my cheerleading career. I never went to proms knowing it would never be the Carrie bloodfest I always wanted, and instead threw midnight pick-nicks at local graveyards hoping Vincent Price would eventually bring me a corsage. I think it was believed I would grow out of this, no diced babies. I’m still a depraved Goth girl who gets off on the strange and unusual.

So what will I have in store for you this October my little depraved darlings?

These are very big and intimidating shoes, but we will have a chance to revolutionize them in a way we have never seen done in live theatre. Traditionally, a horror hosts’ responsibility is to bring the best of this syndicated genre to our living rooms. In this case, being a live production, my job will be to help merge two very different pieces into one tantalizing theatrical ode to the macabre. Unlike most of the hosts that have come before me, my take on treating you to treachery is a bit different. I get to be live, for all the death, right in front of you and if I tease, I promise its only because I’ trying not to bite. The features I will be presenting to are ones I am invested black heartedly in and love to death. My approach may be comical, but my intension is not to peck apart or make fun of the dark art within. Not only do I get to prime and relate to the audience through presentation, but I get to actually be a part of the horror “feature” itself. You can be sure; lines between audience and victim will bleed into each other for a truly new and unique experience. Until then, see you in my nightmares nerds!

Sincerely Gore,

Sindie Chopper