Welcome to the F.O.A.!

Thank you for joining Friends of Awesome. You are clearly a wonderful person who loves new plays, by local writers, that are pretty dang weird. You are obviously someone who believes that theatre is FUN. You are, without a doubt someone who believes in us and the shows we do and want this vibrant new company to THRIVE!.

Or maybe your friend works here, also valid.

Now here’s the deal, as a member, you can see any of our shows, whenever you want, as often as you want! When you want to see a show, just send a request to membership@awesometheatre.org. and we will hook you up! It’s that simple. (24 hours notice is also nice) We don’t have an offseason, we do this year-round. Cancel anytime (please don’t) and let us know if you need discount codes for your friends, we got you.

If you have any questions about your membership, just email membership@awesometheatre.org

And thank you, we will see you at the theatre.