Awesome Theatre’s 2023 Lineup

Awesome Theatre proudly presents its 2023 lineup of new work, by local artists, that celebrate everything wonderfully weird in the world. This year, we’re presenting two mainstage plays packed with murder, mayhem and 4th wall breaking arson. Not to mention the premiere of our latest and weirdest film project, and a sneak peek at the final installment of TERROR-RAMA.

We’re Sorry For Making This

A Short Film Witten By Christopher McGee
Directed by Jess Thomas

Premiere Screening February 2023

“Digby, a performer, pilot, perhaps a used car salesman, wants to share their world with you… but are you ready?”

From the mind of Christopher Magee comes a tale of manic wonder. Our host Digby guides you through their world of talking rooms, murderous cameras, and avant garde cinema. Will she be able to share her opus with the world, or will ethereal absurdity swallow her whole? Seriously though, this is quite possibly the weirdest thing we’ve done.

Are You Goth Enough To Be Haunted, Fall In Love With The Wrong Guy, Get Revenge And Burn Down The Mall?

Written By Claire Rice
Directed by Neil Higgins

Fri/Sat 7 PM April 14-29 2023

Hey, don’t write yourself off…yet.”

What would you do if you fell in love with a hot older man and were haunted by the ghost of his past lover all while working at a minimum-wage summer job at the mall? Would you let the gothic romance of it all take you down, or would you fight against fate? Burn baby burn.

Lizard Women

Written by Eteya Trinidad
Directed by Nikki Meñez

September / October 2023

Cold-blooded b*tches need love, too.

Clarissa and Tilly can’t help that they’re bloodthirsty sluts that turn into lizards. At least they have the city coven for sisterly support when the dating scene is rough, even though they’re running out of eligible roommates. But when a newbie joins the apartment and Tilly gets overly attached to her dinner, the head coven leader starts breathing down the two women’s necks… er, dewlaps. On top of that, Clarissa might want to be more than just gal pals with Tilly. Can Clarissa and Tilly make it in a lizard-eat-lizard world?


October 2023

The Horror-Theatre Double Feature as we know it will take its last ride in 2024. But first, be there for the first public reading of the two plays that will finish out the TERROR-RAMA series.

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It’s My Party: An Artist in Residence Showcase

A One-Woman Cabaret
Written and Performed by Nora Fernandez Doane McCurdy

December 2 & 3 7 PM

PianoFight, 144 Taylor, SF

“You’re on the VIP list, but will you make it to the party on time?”

Every year, Awesome Theatre works with one local artist all year to develop a theatrical creation all their own. This year we are thrilled to present “It’s My Party” by Nora Fernandez Doane McCurdy.

Spend an evening with Nora as she takes you on an entertaining journey of her own self-discovery, exploring topics ranging from ADHD to imposter syndrome, to the patriarchy and more, all while she dolls herself up for a bangin’ party at PianoFight — to which you’re totally invited. Be our guest and get our tickets to “It’s My Party” today.

TERROR-RAMA 4: In Space!

Hosted by
Sindie Chopper

Directed by
Colin Johnson

Featuring New Plays by Jess Thomas and Alandra Hileman

October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 and 29 

Exit Theatre 156 Eddy, SF

The Horror-Theatre Double Feature Returns…Again.

Horror-Host Sindie Chopper returns for Halloween to kick you in the death stars with two tales of intergalactic terror taking place in the vast reaches of outer space. One play guarantees to scare, the other play promises horrific hilarity.

Parallax Denigrate by Alandra Hileman  

When six spacecraft workers are quarantined in a server room with no way to communicate with the outside world, mistrust, and paranoia quickly breed carnage.

Space Babes From Planet Evil By Jess Thomas

After most of the crew is killed in an alien drug-related incident, the USS Steve Gutenberg, the worst starship in the fleet, will face their greatest threat, two perfectly nice aliens. 

Featuring Marc Abrigo, Puja Tolton, DeMarcello Funes, Valerie Fachman, Helen Park, Natalia Delgado, Crystal Liu, and Tabbitha McBride.

Production Team: Colin Johnson, Kelli Westad, Nikki Meñez, Jess Thomas, Alandra Hileman, Anthony Miller, Zephaniah Bensaid, Brittany Mellerson, Tunuviel Luv, Kenna M. Lindsay and Joshua Marx.

The First Annual Awesome Theatre NotGala

Hosted by Wonder Dave and Tirumari Jothi


Saturday, October 1, 2022

6:30-9:30 PM
Circus Center SF
755 Frederick St

$30 (Includes food, drink, and a whole lotta show)

We’re throwing a party. A party where we ask you for money.

Join Awesome Theatre for a night of Entertainment, casual denial, and whatever food and drink we get donated. Come to the least fancy fundraiser ever and help us raise money to continue putting on weird shows and paying artists in 2022, and if we’re lucky, 2023. All the while, celebrating 5 years of new plays, by local artists, that celebrate everything wonderfully weird about the Bay Area. Your ticket includes food, drink, entertainment, and a warm fuzzy feeling for supporting local theatre. Hosted by the hysterical Wonder Dave and Tirumari Jothi and featuring performances by Baruch Porras Hernandez, Mistress Pon-Farr, and House band Neon Ships.


The Path

A New “Cult” Comedy written by Marc Abrigo

Directed by Alejandro Emmanuel Torres

A Co-Production with Bindlestiff Studio

July 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 & 30 8PM

Bindlestiff Studio
185 6th St, San Francisco

$25 Online Advance, $30 At The Door

E-Meters are for Amateurs

THE PATH is an ensemble dark comedy about Vance Chadwick, a ’90s television relic desperate to rejuvenate his career by joining a budding religious cult in rural Georgia. When things go awry during a ritual ceremony, the Hollywood D-lister suddenly finds himself in a position of leadership and must learn to navigate cult politics, hidden agendas, and what it takes to inspire a community. Can he lead them down THE PATH of salvation, or will his newfound family go down in a hail of bullets and Bruno Mars songs?

Featuring: David Boyll, Annie Dick, Lisa C. Hu, Tavis Kammet, Emanuel Morales, and Rasheed.

Artistic and Production Staff: Marc Abrigo, Colin Johnson, Anne Yumi Kobori, Kenna M. Lindsay, Nikki Meñez, Claire Rice, Alejandro Torres, Kelli Westad, and Stephanie Whigham.

Your New Favorite Musical THE FINALS

Hosted by Wonder Dave and Tirumari Jothi

Saturday April 16, 8PM

PianoFight, 144 Taylor, SF

In 2020, 6 writing teams duked it out in an online contest to get their new musical produced. Now, the wait is over. At long last, our three finalists will pitch their original musical idea to our panel of celebrity judges and the winner will get their musical produced by Awesome Theatre. (Think Shark Tank for Musicals). Hosted by the STUPENDOUS Wonder Dave and Tirumari Jothi, featuring incredible live performances and a special musical guest! Be there for a night of fun, competition, and some ding-dang musical theatre.



Music and Lyrics by Mike Osgood and Liz Baker, Book by Sang S. Kim

In SINergy, the Musical, we follow our naive new hire, Liz, and jaded re-hire, Mike, as they quest to get from the bottom to top of the secretive and sinisterly demonic corporation, Exicorp Inc. Together, this business duo will sacrifice for their goals, persevere for their dreams, and maybe do some murder to travel through the Seven Floors of Business and escape the dangerous trials set in place for them, all while trying not to spill their morning cup of joe. Exicorp is here to cause turmoil for our heroes BUT wants to make sure we play it all by the book because the book is GOD/important so please sign off these NDAs because it’s all about being transparent you know?

SINergy – “You should have quit while you had the chance.”


Book, Music and Lyrics by Jennifer Gallagher

From the mandolin player and vocalist for the nationally acclaimed Americana band “Run Boy Run” comes a brand new musical, “MOMMALLIA”. This all-original comedy/drama tells the story of three new mothers whose lives intertwine when they decide to form a “nanny share”. Filled with relatable moments of connection and hilarity, this musical will have you rolling from start to finish as you witness the women navigate the early days of sleep deprivation and longing for some “alone time.” Though the story draws you in with its comedic timing, you’ll stay for the more contemplative exploration of race, class, and privilege as it pertains to motherhood. Whether or not you are a mother, have a mother, or know a mother, this musical is enjoyable for all. 

Pinball The Musical

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Derek Lipkin.

“You may have played pinball, but have you ever wondered what life is like “under the glass”? Now, you can! Experience the thrilling sights and sounds of a pinball adventure with Pinball! The Musical, a new Broadway-style show about one pinball trying to save the day. You will simply flip for this show! Just don’t tilt!”


Nikki Meñez– Curatorial Director for Z space. Casting Director for Awesome Theatre
Leslie Waggoner-Choreographer and Director (Ray of Light, Custom Made Theatre, BAM.)
Ryan Marchand– Artistic Director at Handful Players


Wonder Dave is a comedian, writer, pro-wrestling commentator, and all-around swell human. His favorite musical is “Hair”. You can find him online at wonderdave.org and on social media @teamwonderdave

Tirumari Jothi is a geeky stand-up comedian, improviser, sketch comedian, and actor based in the Bay Area and has performed at a variety of venues around California and the country. His favorite musical is “The Music Man.”


Coffee Lady

A New Comedy by Bridgette Dutta Portman
Directed by Nikki Meñez

Thursday Nights at 9PM
April 7 – May 12
PianoFight SF, 144 Taylor

Desperate for money, two sisters hatch a plot to recreate the “McDonalds Coffee Lady” lawsuit. But the truth comes to haunt them.

Joanne hates her job at McCarby’s: minimum wage, irritating customers, an overbearing boss, and a geeky coworker. When Jo’s sister, Char, comes up with a scheme to spill hot coffee on herself and sue McCarby’s, Jo goes along with it. Can they pull it off, or is it too tall an order? Will someone spill the beans? How many coffee puns can we cram into this synopsis? And why is a mysterious old woman following Jo? Inspired by the 1992 McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit, Coffee Lady is a tort-reform ghost story about sibling rivalry, denial, and the power of truth.

Featuring: Nikki Nutterfield, Anne Yumi Kobori, Ray Dequina, Janelle Aguirre, Barbara Ann Cecchetti, and Matt Gunnison.

Production Staff: Erica Andracchio, Jakob Bernardino, Zephaniah Bensaid, Colin Johnson, Kenna M. Lindsay, Brittany Mellerson, Nikki Meñez, Anthony R. Miller, Claire Rice, Puja Tolton, and Kelli Westad.

Awesome Theatre’s 2022 Safety Theatre Manual

Awesome Theatre is returning to the stage in 2022! (I mean, assumably. Who even knows anymore?) And we are bringing the (very safe) heat with the live finale of our online musical theatre contest, the premiere of our social unrest zombie movie, an urban legend that comes to life as a ghost story, a hilarious new play taking place at intersection of fame and religion, and the return of a Halloween staple.

THEM Film Premiere

A new film written by
J. Elliot Mendez

Directed by
Nikki Meñez

March 25, 7:30 PM

Pianofight SF, 144 Taylor

Our social unrest zombie movie shambles onto screens big and small.

Your New Favorite Musical FINALS

Hosted by
Wonder Dave and Tirumari Jothi

April 16, 8 PM

PianoFight SF, 144 Taylor

After battling it out online, three finalists will compete in front of a live audience to get their original musical produced.

Coffee Lady

Written By
Bridgette Dutta Portman

Directed by
Nikki Meñez

Thursday Nights at 9PM
March 31 – May 6


Desperate for money, two sisters hatch a plot to recreate the “McDonalds Coffee Lady” lawsuit. But the true story comes to haunt them.

The Path

Written by
Marc Abrigo

Directed by Alejandro Emmanuel Torres

July 15, 16, 22, 23, 29 & 30 8PM

Bindlestiff Studio

In an attempt to boost his fame, a D-list celebrity joins a cult and unwittingly becomes its leader. 

Terror-Rama IV IN SPACE!

Hosted by
Sindie Chopper

Directed by
Colin Johnson

October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 and 29 

Exit Theatre

Featuring: Parallax Denigrate by Alandra Hileman & Space Babes From Planet Evil By Jess Thomas

The Horror-Theatre Double Feature returns for Halloween and kick you in the death stars with twi tales of intergalactic terror taking place in the vast reaches of outer space.

“It’s My Party”

An Artist in Residence Workshop

December 2022

An original creation by our 2022 Artist-In-Residence, Nora Doane

Every year Awesome Theatre asks a local artist to hang out with us for a year, work on different shows, try different things, and at the end of the year, present a workshop production of whatever crazy idea they come up with.

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Awesome Theatre is a Volunteer-run 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Arts Organization, so your gift is totally tax deductible. And there’s some pretty cool perks.

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The Jersey Devil Play (On Film)

A (filmed) play about Love and Cryptids
Written by Allison Page
Directed by Jan Gilbert 

Now available to rent or buy or Vimeo!

Or come to the live screening on December 17th!

The devil’s in the details — and their house.

Abby and Norman Kristoff have impulsively moved away from their steady lives in Sacramento to a cabin in Moorestown, New Jersey, sight unseen. Thankfully, the quirky locals know everything there is to know: where to eat, what to do, and who’s had a run-in with the Jersey Devil, a centuries-old horse-headed beast with hooves, claws, bat wings, and a bad attitude. The Kristoff’s invested everything they have into their new home and they’ll fight for it, tooth and nail. And they’ll need everything they’ve got because when the devil comes knocking, he rarely comes alone.

This play will be fully staged, performed, and filmed in front of a live audience over two nights at PianoFight Oakland. The performances will premeire as a fully edited multi-camera film presentation online and at special live screenings in December 2021

Featuring: Isabel Anne To, Sam Bertken, Alicia Stamps, Michelle Peck, Edwin Jacobs, and Meghann Hayes

Artistic and Production Staff: Sarahi Arellano, Jan Gilbert, Jess Thomas, Kelli Westad, Sara Saavedra, Kenna Lindsay, Zephaniah Bensaid, Claire Rice, and Anthony R. Miller


A feature length film written By J. Elliott Mendez

Directed by Nikki Meñez

Cinematography by Colin Johnson

Premiere Screening, March 25, 2022 8PM

PianoFight SF, 144 Taylor

When the hunger for justice means you’re on the menu.”

While trying to outrun the apocalypse, four strangers hunker down in an all-but-abandoned house for the night. As the world ends outside, the secrets of each, Dakota – a suburban mom, Argentina – a grassroots political activist, and Milwaukee – the group’s gun-toting self-proclaimed protector, come crawling out and pulling at the ties that bind them together. Soon they realize Cincinnati – the house’s owner, hides the most dangerous secret. With time running out, these unlikely allies will first have to answer the question that looms; “is it us or THEM?”

Featuring: Jaq Moore, Pamela-Drummer Williams, Nicole Odell, Nikki Nutterfield, Vince Faso, and Janelle Aguirre

Artistic and Production Team: Eteya Trinidad, Colin Johnson, Erica Andracchio, Nikki Meñez, Claire Rice, Emily Dwyer, and Brittany Mellerson