Who We Are

“Theatre for People Who Didn’t Know They Liked Theatre”


Awesome Theatre is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Arts Organization based in San Francisco, Ca. We are dedicated to producing new, relevant, stylized, theatrical, live multimedia entertainment that appeals to people who never thought they’d like theatre. (Or that they’d feel welcome.) But also to be a breath of fresh air to even the most regular theatre-goer. We strive to create work that is fun, accessible, creative, unique, and knowing without being pretentious. We are committed to creating opportunities for emerging artists and exclusively producing new plays by local writers. Every artist we work with is encouraged to be creative, try different things, and be weird. Our goal at Awesome Theatre is to create a lasting and original adventure for every audience member and collaborator, a shared escapade of escapist entertainment.

Why “New, Local, Weird?”

An outstanding question, it is the belief of Awesome Theatre that the greatest service we can do for the Bay Area Theatre Community is to create opportunities for the people already living in it and commit to exclusively producing new plays, and telling new stories written by artists living and working in the Bay Area. There is no better way to create theatre that celebrates everything weird and wonderful about the SF Bay Area than by hiring its residents to do it. With so many incredible artists with stories to tell calling the Bay Home, we are proud and more than happy to call all of our collaborators neighbors.

Corporate Values

1) We believe everyone we work with has the right to a safe workplace, where they are respected, treated well, and in no way feel unwelcome due to their race, gender, sexuality, age, physical abilities, or creed. To create this environment, all of our artists and admin must sign a written agreement that includes adherence to a formal code of conduct. Beginning in 2021, all artistic and admin staff must attend anti-bias training.
2) We believe people’s time and work should be respected and valued. While we are a volunteer-run org, everyone receives an expense stipend for their work. Awesome Theatre increases these stipends by 25% every year, putting us on track to make everyone employee with an hourly wage in the next few years. 
3) We believe in financial equity and transparency. Our payouts are structured so that the highest-paid person makes no more than 3 times as much as the lowest-paid person. Actors, Designers and the majority of admins are all paid the same amount. Anyone working with Awesome Theatre is welcome to inquire about our budget and know exactly where the money goes and where it comes from.

Read Awesome Theatre’s Diversity and Accountability statements.

Read Awesome Theatre’s Code of Conduct

The People

Executive Director- Anthony R Miller


Artistic Director – Colin Johnson


General Manager – Erica Andracchio


Managing Producer – KelliAnne Westad

Casting and Outreach Director – Nikki Meñez


Development -Katie Whitcraft

Graphic Design- Stephanie Whigham

stephaniewhigham.com or on Instagram @actslikestephanie

Board of Directors: Roy Conboy, Rasheed Custer, Sang S. Kim, Dan Kurtz, and Renee Levesque.