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Why donate to Awesome Theatre?

-We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Arts Organization, which makes your donation tax-deductible.

-We pay every single artist we work with, and those payouts increase 25% every year.

– Our online content is either provided free or through a pay what you can model.

-We exclusively produce new work by local artists.

-We’re dedicated to accessibility, by keeping ticket prices to our theatrical productions low ($25), producing work that tells a variety of stories and experiences, and by creating a fun, informal, and inclusive environment.

-We can’t possibly cover all of our expenses through ticket sales, it is through grants and your donations that we can continue to stay alive.

Per our pledge to increase stipends by 25% every year (until everyone is an employee making an hourly wage) our projected budget for 2021 is $49,000 an increase of just over 35% The majority of which go to artists. Our fundraising efforts annually cover about 25% of our annual budget. The rest will come from grants, private donations, and ticket sales. So if you’re like us, and believe that adapting and continuing to create is a brazen act of hope, if you want us to not just survive, but to continue to grow and create, show your support and give to Awesome Theatre.

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