Awesome Theatre is raising money for our 2024 lineup.

Clearly, we need your help.

Last year was a whirlwind—we downsized from three shows to two to keep our promise: boosting pay by 25% annually. Money? Tight as can be (seriously, it was hard.) For the upcoming year, it’s two mainstage gigs plus a festive Holiday special. Last year’s $18,500 raised was a big win in our $55,000 budget dance—thanks to your fantastic support! This round we are aiming higher: pushing our budget to $60,000 (all for those payroll boosts) and rallying to raise $20,000.

Awesome Theatre specializes in crafting fun, original, and inclusive theatre—stuff that hooks even the non-theatre people. We aim to be a breath of fresh air, appealing to both newbies and seasoned theatre nerds alike. How? By hiring local artists and letting their wild imaginations run the show. We’re the haven for misfit plays, the spot where productions that no one in their right mind would produce. Because people not in their right minds are our kinda people.

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For $10 a month, not only are you committing to helping us year-round, but you will get to see all of our 2024 productions for FREE. That’s right, free, and you can watch or attend as many times as you want. You also receive discounts for additional tickets, exclusive access to developmental readings, special updates, and all sorts of cool swag. Cancel Anytime, we’re not clingy.