Why donate to Awesome Theatre?

-We are a volunteer run 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Arts Organization which makes your donation tax deductible.

-We pay an expense stipend to every single artist we work with, and those payouts increase 25% every year. This will continue until we can make everyone an employee making an hourly wage.

-We exclusively produce new work by local artists.

– Our online content is either provided free or through a pay what you can model.

-We’re dedicated to accessibility, by keeping ticket prices to our theatrical productions low ($25), producing work that tells a variety of stories and experiences, and by creating a fun, informal, and inclusive environment.

-We can’t possibly cover all of our expenses through ticket sales, it is through grants and your donations that we can continue to stay alive.

This year, we are raising $10,000 for our 2021 budget. And you can help us get there.

How can you support Awesome Theatre?

1)Join THE FRIENDS OF AWESOME. For $10 a month, not only are you commiting to helping us year round, but you will get to see all of our 2021 online and live content FREE. That’s right, free, and you can watch or attend as many times as you want. You also recieve discounts for additional tickets, exclusive access to developmental readings, special updates and all sorts of cool swag. Cancel Anytime, we’re not clingy.

2) DONATE. Give whatever you want, $25, (which gets you a free sticker or fridge magnet) $75 (which gets you the magnet, the sticker and free tickets to an upcoming live or streamed production, $100 (which gets you a sweet t-shirt) or more! This money will either go twords paying the amazing artists we work with, or a local bay area venue, either way it’s going to a good place.