TERROR-RAMA, a Horror Theatre Double Feature, is a new-play incubator that commissions two new horror-themed plays every two years. Each pair of plays goes through a year of development including readings, dramaturgical meetings, and writing workshops, leading up to a public reading/fundraiser. Then another year of revision and workshops culminates in a fully staged production, usually mounted in October for maximum Halloween-y goodness!


In October 2018, at PianoFight, the Horror-Theatre Double Feature finishes the trilogy with TERROR-RAMA 3: DEAD THE WHOLE TIME.


Featuring two brand new horror plays, “The Suffered” written by our own Artistic Director Colin Johnson , and “My Cannibal Summer” by our Artist in Residence, Claire Rice. The show will be hosted once again by our own Sindie Chopper!

The shows debut in 2018 but as always, we want YOU to be part of the development process. October 16, 2017 will be our fundraiser and developmental reading at Pianofight! Come help us raise money, cone be the first to see what we have planned for the newest installment of our horror anthology!


PURITY by Claire Ann Rice

First Reading: October 12, 2015, at Pianofight, San Francisco.
First Production: October 13-29, 2016, at Pianofight, San Francisco.

Medium size TR POSTER WITH TEXT_6374.jpgIn PURITY  by Claire Ann Rice, a killer is stalking the dark streets of a sleepy community deep in the heart of America. Holding up in a church basement while they prepare for the annual Purity Ball, a man and a woman discover dark secrets about each other that make them wonder if the killer is right in front of them. Is anyone safe? How pure are you?

In SEXY VAMPIRE ACADEMY  by Anthony R. Miller, Price Academy, hidden in the forest across the river from a small Oregon Town, is a high school populated by vampires where it is 1996 forever. When new girl Abby and her friend Simon decide to help Dreamy Vampire Cole escape the grip of Queen Vampire Callidora, the past and present clash in a prom-night showdown.

TERROR-RAMA 2 features the acting talents of Meghan Chambers, Andrew Chung, Megan Luis, Kyle McReddie, Adam Niemann, Heren Patel, Kaylamay Paz Suarez, & Laura Petersen, with designs by Natalie Ashodian (costumes), Cassie Barnes (lighting), Hannah Birch-Carl (sound), & Alandra Hileman (props/blood effects).

(a.k.a. “The First One”)

CREEP by Nicholas C. Pappas
CAMP EVIL by Anthony R. Miller

First Reading: October 2013, at the Tides Theatre, San Francisco.
First Production: October 17-November 1, 2014, at the EXIT Studio, San Francisco.


 by Nicholas C. Pappas is a dark and disturbing modern day crime thriller, with a nod towards Fritz Lang’s “M”. Detective Lewis and Detective Elsie Curtis are on the trail of Peter Beckhart. A deranged killer who serves as Judge and executioner to innocent women and films his victims.

CAMP EVIL by Anthony R. Miller is a funny, bloody, fast paced homage to films like “Friday The 13th” and “Sleepaway Camp”. Bob Berman and his family attempt to re-open Camp Madjahando after ten years. But the dark history of the camp comes back to haunt them.

TERROR-RAMA featured the acting talents of Nick Dickson, Vince Faso, Tavis Kammet, Jordan Kersten, Britt Lauer, Will Leschber, Tonya Narvaez, Brian Quakenbush, & Liana Winternitz, with designs by Natalie Ashodian (costumes/props), Cassie Barnes (lighting), Hannah Birch-Carl (sound), & Elena Childs (sets).

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