We really like making videos, take a peek in our vault.

Mercy Killing Promo Video

Romance is dead, literally. A true crime podcast meets comic book come to life.

Zombie! The Musical! Sizzle Reel

      A collection of footage from productions of ZOMBIE! The Musical!

Christian Teen Dolphin-Sex Beach Party Promo

        Mayhem on the beach! A silly ad for a silly play.

Limbs of an Angel Write Off Drive Video

Our 2017 Fundraising video. Every year, thousands of people see boring theatre, you can help them.

Sindie Chopper’s Patent Pending Turbo Training Time

        Time to get in shape for Terror-Rama! Sindie Chopper works on those fight or flight muscles

Professor Awesome’s End of the World Good-Time Revue Promo Video

The answer to your ennui! The cure for your crippling hopelessness! A Variety show for the end times, with Professor Awesome & Tallulah Von Nope

(In Search Of) THE FUNNIEST PLAY EVER Promo Video

Can you dig the funny? Check out this groovy video starring your host, Kaylamay!

TERROR-RAMA 2: PROM NIGHT Official Trailer

Murder on the dance floor! Vampires and Purity Balls with Sindie Chopper.

TERROR-RAMA 2: PROM NIGHT Fundraising Video

We’re asking for money, OR ARE WE??? 


Sindie Chopper makes her pitch with tales of…uh, we’re not quite sure.

TERROR-RAMA 2: PROM NIGHT First Reading Announcment

TERROR-RAMA is back with two new shows and an old friend.

TERROR-RAMA Promo: Beckart’s Diary

Creepy Ass Videos from a creepy ass play.

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