ZOMBIE! The Musical!

logo ZombieZombie!: A New Musical is a Rock / Horror / Tragicomedy that will eat your face off!


– Matt Sussman, Flavorpill

With a score solidly rooted in hard rock and metal, Zombie! A New Musical tells the story of Trent and Violet, two rebellious teens from Colma, California. Violet dies and is brought back to life using the army’s secret Zombie Gas, only to find herself pursued by an army general (Trent’s uncle), a fame-hungry reporter and Ozzy Osbourne himself. This hysterical new musical is part horror film and part rock concert.

Zombie! has torn through numerous workshops, two sold out runs in San Francisco in 2009, as well as being featured in the “In-Human Festival” at The Alley theater in Louisville KY in 2011 fueled by a passion for the plight of the living, non-alive, and living dead.

Thinking about putting on a show, and hoping Zombie! is the one for you?

Contact Anthony at Anthonyrmiller at outlook dot com for info.

Want to know more about the show? Keep reading! 

The brain child of daring playwright and director Anthony R. Miller, is  a work of love, tragedy and epic zombie mayhem that refuses to take no for an answer.

Zombie! would not have come so ferociously to life, though, if it were not for the uncompromising talents of composer Brendan West, a veteran of the Shotgun Players and various Berkeley theatre companies. His score is solidly rooted in Hard Rock and Metal, standing on the shoulders of giants such as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer, and Guns ‘n Roses.

Several things make Zombie! what it is today:
First, Mr. West and Mr. Miller’s goal to create music that has the clean sound of Broadway with the power of Metal tells a clear story and that develops the characters while driving the show.
Second, the book is keenly aware of modern and classic Horror films, most specifically The Return of the Living Dead and its many sequels. Zombie!’s creators have captured that traditional horror aesthetic while staying
away from unnecessary camp. There is just the right mix of blood gushing from the victims, flesh being torn off, and a dash of onstage violence. In tone, Zombie cannot be defined as simply a comedy; the brand of camp in this piece comes from a naturalistic, organic place. The book’s humor and tragedy hinge upon social commentary—an integral but often overlooked
subplot in most zombie storytelling.
“The idea is that we give the audience something unexpected, despite the jokes and extraordinary circumstances. They should be touched by the conclusion of the piece.”
– Creator , director & PETZ founder, Anthony R. Miller