Awesome Theatre’s Code of Conduct

As part of our EDI commitments, and to create a safe and positive environment for all of our artists and collaborators, we have created an Awesome Theatre Code of Conduct. Effective immediately, all Awesome Theatre team members and everyone who works with us will be asked to sign this document and conduct themselves accordingly. The Code of Conduct is a living document and will change and evolve based on experience and feedback from our artists and team members, but these initial 9 guidelines will serve as a foundation for creating a space where all artists feel welcome. In the near future, you will be hearing more from us on how we will be enforcing these guidelines and adhering to our anti-racism statement.

Community Statement

We at Awesome Theatre believe in creating a supportive, uplifting environment where project members can create, explore, invent, and critique creative work. We know that each individual’s success is a direct result of the cohort and that we are each stronger creators, and better community members when we work together in a positive and respectful environment. We know that creating theatre can be messy, and stressful and that this work can push people in ways that are emotionally uncomfortable. We know that creating a safe environment in which to do this work can be difficult, and is necessary. 

Code of Conduct

  1. We understand that everyone who is working with Awesome Theatre is here voluntarily, and is giving of their time, effort, and creativity openly. We promise to be respectful of each person’s time and energy, and to be as efficient and cognisant as possible when making rehearsal schedules, production decisions, and changes to existing time commitments.
  1. We believe that as respectful coworkers it is up to each of us to learn the best ways to speak with one another and to honor the individual ways that we each process information. We will raise our concerns in good faith, and discuss paths forward with growth and transparency at the center of our plans and actions. 
  1. We believe in taking care of one another, and that it is vital that each of us feels safe and welcome when they are on an Awesome Theatre project. We are open to feedback and helpful criticism, with the end goal of increasing awareness and physical and emotional safety for everyone working with Awesome Theatre.
  1. I understand that everyone who is working with Awesome Theatre is here voluntarily, and is giving of their time, effort, and creativity openly. By being part of Awesome Theatre, I acknowledge that I too am here voluntarily, and am ready to work with the group in a professional, honest, and respectful manner.
  1. I understand that gender pronouns and names are to be decided by the individual person to whom they refer and that I am expected to use each person’s pronouns and name as directed by that individual. 
  1. I understand that health and safety are a priority on every Awesome Theatre project and that concerns about health and safety are to be raised immediately with my director and/or producer.
  1. I understand that words matter, and that I am expected to speak from a place of humility, kindness, and curiosity whenever I am working with Awesome Theatre. I will ask questions when I don’t understand a task or an action, and I will be open to questions and discussions throughout each Awesome Theatre project.
  1. I understand that I am coming to Awesome Theatre with my own biases and that those biases may be challenged by the work the company does, the people that I work with, and the organizers that make each project possible. I acknowledge that these biases are part of my own personal journey and that it is up to me, and not up to Awesome Theatre, to work on or through these biases in order to bring my best self to each project.
  1. I understand that consent is vital, and that I am expected to respect and uphold the emotional and physical boundaries set by my coworkers.