September 13 Lineup (ROUND 3)

Two Semi Finalists have already been named. Now, we name a third. Round 3 of our hunt for hilarity is nigh! Gaze with awe and childlike wonder at the 5 juggernauts of jokes that will compete for the title of FUNNIEST PLAY EVER! (After a rigorous development process)

“Cheesecake” by Elizabeth Flanagan

flanghan.jpgElizabeth’s plays have been produced by: San Francisco Theater Pub, All Terrain Theater, Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco, and Wily West Productions. She is a cofounder of Ex Nihilo Theater and previously served on the board of the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco. She is currently writing a one act for the 2017 San Francisco Olympian’s Festival. You can follow Elizabeth on twitter @writesinpublic.

Featuring Randy Russell and Meghan Chambers, Directed by Jess Thomas


“Way Too Schtoned” by Kyle McCurdy

mccurdy.jpgKyle McCurdy graduated from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo with a B.A. in Theatre Arts. Kyle is a Pianofight company member, has performed improv comedy for over ten years including two month long runs performing in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, and is currently in the middle of writing/directing/acting/producing content for the Pianofight sketch comedy group S.H.I.T Show Revival (soon to be known as Basement Party.) Kyle has also directed and written for Pint Sized Plays, and recently directed a piece for the Short-lived Play Festival that competed in the finals.

Featuring  Kyle McReddie, Directed by Colin Johnson

“The Snowstorm” by Moshe Goodman

mosheMoshe Goodman is new to The Bay Area. In his native New York, Moshe worked with the Wednesday Repertory Company, Naked Chicken Productions, Love Creek Productions, and The Love Tank, acting in, writing & directing for, and producing tens of one act play collections. In the Bay Area, Moshe’s work has been seen at ShortLived and he has performed in The Playwrights Center’s 24 hr Play Festival. Moshe is currently performing in the Sf Fringe show, Submitted For Your Approval and looks forward to performing at Piano Fight in his own full length play, “The Judah Encounter” in October.

Featuring Dan Kurtz and Jan Gilbert

“Fata Morgana” by Alandra Hileman

alandraWhen not writing plays about dunk reincarnated knights, incestuous gothic-romantic cousins, badass sword-wielding ladies, queer students of magical history, and whatever the heck this one you’re about to see is, Alandra Hileman can be found huddled over a fire made of her many diplomas begging for Taco Bell at various BART stations. Read more about her plays, and get updates, info, clever snark and mythical creatures by visiting her website at

Featuring Puja Tolton and Rebecca Grayce, Directed by Anthony R. Miller


“The Haverfords” by Aeron Macintrye


Aeron Macintyre has been acting, directing and producing for stage, film and television for more than 25 years. He has had the pleasure of appearing throughout the Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York including in the critically acclaimed Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party in San Francisco which won Best Production at the New York City Fringe Festival. Film and television credits include Trauma, The Evidence, Hearts Afire. Film credits includeKiller Clowns from Outer Space, Etruscan Smile and the starring role in Nominated.  Since 1985 he has been teaching acting and directing for stage, film and television both privately and in a number of professional training programs. He is currently an instructor and the Associate Director of Film Acting Bay Area and runs the PEG access television station in Berkeley.

Featuring Laura Peterson, Tavis Kammett, and Charles Lewis III, Directed by Aeron Macintyre




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